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UX. The importance of User Experience in marketing

User Experience, or the user experience of a website, is something to pay special attention to. In a time of tremendous competition, just UX can be a way to stand out and get more customers. Read what to focus on when working on a positive user experience.

User experience what is it?

It’s a technique for working on a website, assuming that the most important thing is the user’s experience, because it will determine whether he or she will return to the site again in the future. The concept of User Experience comes up a lot in the context of marketing efforts aimed at conversion optimization. UX done well focuses on the human being. On the fact that every user of the website should be able to find themselves on it easily, conveniently reach the information they are interested in and seamlessly perform actions such as buying a product, contacting the company, signing up for a newsletter. What does UX mean in practice? It’s all about simplicity, transparency and user orientation. They are the ones that are effective.

What goes into UX?

User Experience is a broad concept, but the more precisely you explore it, the better you will carry out the implementation of its principles on your website. Here are the elements that are important:

Site appearance

Here, everything from design to color counts. It is important that the appearance of the website fits the characteristics of the target group, is associated with certain values and is aesthetically pleasing. Example: the website of a chain of luxury beauty salons kept in dark tones with gold elements.

User interface

It takes into account, among other things. Menu structure, button design, navigation between subpages. All of these elements must be convenient to use and intuitive for any website user. An example of good practice: menus with clearly defined categories, easily accessible search engine and login options, the ability to change the display mode to night.

Functionality and accessibility of the site

This is where the entire functioning of the site comes in – for example, the loading speed of the home page, subpages and individual site elements. I just mention page loading, because it determines whether a customer will stay on a particular website. No one likes or wants to wait for a page to load, so taking care of this issue is the responsibility of every website owner.

Textual content and its architecture

The idea is to make the website valuable to the user in terms of content, so you need uniqueness of the materials posted on the site. But not only that. Also important is how the customer can move between different parts of the content and subpages. Therefore, here you need a proper organization of the structure of the site, and, for example, the use of

What is the importance of UX?

Depend on it really a lot. The better the experience of the user visiting the site, the greater the chance of getting an effect – whether in the form of conversions or referrals or positive brand recall. Good User Experience also means better positioning. Googling invariably cares about a good experience for its users and serving up pages in the results that have the best chance of responding to users’ needs.

UX and SEO are actually inseparable, but the specifics of this relationship are a topic for a separate blog post. It is worth knowing that without maintaining UX, there is no chance for SEO to be effective. And UX is only useful if SEO ensures a steady flow of users to the website.


Time invested working on User Experience is time well spent. All behavioral trends on the Web indicate that the main idea that should guide the development of a company website, let alone an online store, should be focused solely on the user. Because, in the end, it’s the user’s experience with the website that determines whether the user will become a customer of your company.

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