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SPAM scoring: why not save money on SEO?

Among the thousands of pages of competitors, it is difficult to stand out and gain the attention of users. This is why SEO, or search engine optimization, is becoming essential for online success. Unfortunately, you have to invest in this: if an agency offers you a suspiciously low price, it may apply the so-called “low price”. black hat SEO. Remember that Google evaluates sites by SPAM scoring, for example – an apparent saving can get you in trouble.

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What is SPAM scoring?

SPAM scoring is a process of evaluating the quality of a website carried out by search engine algorithms such as Google. The main goal of these algorithms is to ensure that the websites that appear in the search results are valuable, useful and comply with search engine guidelines. SPAM scoring is one of the mechanisms that help determine whether a site is trustworthy and should be included in search results.

Why shouldn’t you save money on SEO?

  1. Low-quality content: one of the main mistakes made by companies that economize on SEO is publishing low-quality content on their websites. High-quality, unique content is crucial for SEO. Lack of valuable content can negatively affect SPAM scoring.
  2. Non-compliance with Google guidelines: Google regularly publishes web optimization guidelines. Ignoring these guidelines and attempting to manipulate the algorithms can result in a website being demoted in search results.
  3. Reputational risk: saving money on SEO can end up losing customer trust and brand reputation. Unethical practices can lead to negative perception by the online community.
  4. Punishment from Google: Google penalizes websites that violate its rules by lowering their position in search results or even removing them from the index. This can cause serious downgrades for your business.
  5. Lack of stable results: saving money on SEO can lead to short-lived results. Investing in proper positioning brings lasting results.

Why invest in proper SEO?

  • You will gain users’ trust: positioning based on ethical practices makes your website more credible in the eyes of users, which translates into gaining their trust.
  • Longer position retention: proper positioning helps you maintain your positions in search results over the long term, which means naturally increasing traffic to your site.
  • Greater visibility: proper positioning increases the visibility of your brand, attracting more potential customers.
  • Long-term benefits: investing in the right SEO brings lasting results, not just short-term results.

What kind of content can Google consider as SPAM?

Google uses various algorithms and guidelines to evaluate content on websites and other online platforms. Here are some examples of what content Google might consider spammy:

  • Duplicates
    : publishing identical or very similar content on multiple websites may be considered SPAM. Google prefers unique and valuable content.
  • Excessive keywords: inserting keywords excessively into content in the hope of improving search engine rankings is unacceptable. The content should be natural and readable.
  • Automatic content generation: using automatic tools to create content that is low quality, unintelligible or worthless is considered SPAM. It’s worth being careful with artificial intelligence.
  • Hidden links and redirects: hiding links or redirects that lead to inappropriate or unsafe sites may be considered an attempt to manipulate search results.
  • Irrelevant content: publishing content that is completely unrelated to the website’s subject matter or attempting to hijack keywords can be considered attempted manipulation and spam.
  • False information and fraud: spreading false information or attempting to deceive users may lead to disapproval from Google.
  • Sharing copyrighted content: publishing copyrighted content without proper authorization or permission from the owner may lead to legal action and lower search engine rankings.

Google is constantly updating its algorithms to detect and eliminate SPAM. It is important for website owners to create valuable, unique and useful content and follow guidelines to avoid classifying content as SPAM.

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