By Zieliński Jerzy

SEO Norway – positioning in Scandinavian style.

As one of the richest and happiest countries in the world, Norway offers attractive prospects for entrepreneurs, especially in the digital age. High internet penetration rates, device preferences and social media usage create unique challenges and opportunities for SEO efforts in the Norwegian market. The following is my comprehensive guide to search engine optimization in Norway.

Internet search engine and positioning in Norway

The leading player among search engines in Norway is, with a dominant market share of more than 94%. This means that successful SEO requires an understanding of Google’s algorithms and adapting your strategy to the specifics of the Norwegian user. Here are the elements you need to work on to make a name for yourself in the Norwegian search engine:

Domain – choosing the right stub

When expanding your business in Norway, choosing a local domain name can be crucial. Registration of the “.no” domain is limited to those who meet certain conditions, but a “” alternative is also available. You should also consider a “.eu” domain for expansion in Europe or “.com” for global reach.

Link building in Norway – challenges and strategies

Link building in Norway can be costly, but crucial to the effectiveness of SEO efforts. Paid advertising portals and social media mentions are popular methods of acquiring valuable external links. Diversification of links from different sources is becoming a key element of a successful strategy.

Local positioning – the importance of Company Profile on Google

For local entrepreneurs, a company’s Google profile is a key tool. Local positioning in Norway requires matching phrases to a specific region, which increases the chances of reaching a local clientele.

Analysis of competition in Norway

Before launching an SEO campaign in Norway, it is important to analyze the competition. Understanding the competitor’s strategy allows you to better tailor your own actions, identify weaknesses, and identify unique characteristics that differentiate your brand.

SEO Norway: costs and benefits

The investment in SEO in Norway may be higher than in other countries, but the potential benefits are proportional to the money invested. Effective SEO generates valuable traffic to the site, increases brand visibility and the chances of selling products or services.

SEO costs in Norway are higher than in the Polish market, mainly due to the cost of links and Norwegian-language content. Preparing an optimal budget requires an individual approach, taking into account the specifics of the industry, competition and business goals.


Successful SEO in Norway is a complex task that requires an understanding of the local culture, user preferences and unique aspects of the market. Attention to the local context, sustainable business development and customer-focused operations are the keys to success in the Norwegian online market.

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