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SEO case study – positioning of a toy store:

According to PwC data, e-commerce in the children’s toys and accessories category is growing the fastest, right after food. Pandemic has prompted many parents to search for toys online, which has opened up new opportunities for Read about what strategy we implemented and how, it translated into action for my client.

Positioning examples – SEO strategy

The situation seemed promising, but at the same time, competition in the industry was enormous. The Internet has become a major sales channel for children’s products, and forecasts pointed to further growth in this trend. faced rivals, both other online stores and large marketplaces and price comparison sites.

However, our client had a strategic goal. He did not want to participate in the race for the lowest prices, but instead focus on offering natural and safe toys and children’s accessories from reputable manufacturers. Our task was to bring these products to conscious parents who value quality.

Through our strategy and work on website optimization and content, we have achieved an incredible increase in visibility in search results. In this case, investing in e-commerce with children’s products proved to be a hit.

To be successful, however, it is necessary to develop a unique strategy that will set your store apart from the competition. is an excellent example of what results can be achieved by focusing on quality and effective promotion.

We create an action plan

Our cooperation with the client already began in April 2019, even before the explosion of e-commerce in the toy sector. That’s when we started working on optimizing the website, which already had some visibility in search results. However, as it turned out, the site’s true potential was not fully realized. Back then, we had only 13 key phrases in the TOP 3, 121 in the TOP 10, and 2390 in the TOP 50.

One of the main thrusts of our strategy was to expand the content on the site. We carefully selected keywords that were both frequently searched by Internet users and relevant from the client’s business point of view. We focused on promoting well-known brands that were available at, such as Maileg, Miniland and La Millou. In addition,
we positioned
page in terms of popular products, such as Grandma Dana’s famous feeding hen, Attipas walking-learning shoes and soothing Shumisie Bears.

Our goal was to create online visibility that would provide consistent revenue throughout the year, not just during the holiday season, which is particularly busy in the toy industry. Our strategy was based on a long-term approach to maintain and develop’s position in e-commerce. As a result, we achieved a significant increase in visibility in the search results, which contributed to the online store’s revenue.

We act systematically

Systematicity played a key role in our approach to working on We cyclically and consistently expanded the content of the site, with excellent results. Each month, we added descriptions of new categories and products, making sure to include relevant keywords, but also providing users with valuable information about available toys and accessories.

Our attention was also focused on the development of the blog, where we published as many as 17 posts every month. The articles not only described the products, but also provided useful tips for parents. We also used the blog as an internal linking tool, making it easier to navigate for both users and Google’s indexing robots.

We optimized more than 60 pages and published more than 80 blog posts. That’s a total of more than half a million characters of content, not to mention sponsored articles on external sites. We constantly monitored the visibility of the client’s site, maintaining the positions gained. When necessary, we added new keywords and systematically worked on link building, which contributed to the sustained success of our strategy.

We operate comprehensively – even beyond the website

Our area of work was not limited to the optimization of the website. We also took care of the gradual and natural increase in the number of links leading to the client’s site. To this end, we published sponsored articles in reputable parenting websites, which helped build the brand’s authority and increase its visibility online. Our cooperation with toy manufacturers, available at, also brought valuable links from valuable sources.

Our goal was to acquire links not only from reliable sources, but also to work with influencers and bloggers specializing in baby and parenting products. This form of promotion not only provided valuable links to the website, but also increased traffic by promoting the site to an engaged and informed group of users. As a result, has become more recognizable among those looking for high-quality accessories and toys for children.

Our consistent and comprehensive strategy has yielded excellent results, as can be clearly seen by comparing the initial visibility of the client’s website with the data from the Senuto tool, current as of August 25, 2023:


The number of phrases in the TOP 3 list increased to 131, in the TOP 10 to – 833, and in the TOP 50 – to 7600! However, the most important goal was to generate satisfactory revenues for the client. We aimed to promote key products from a business point of view and achieved this goal.

The example of perfectly illustrates that in e-commerce, building visibility with SEO strategies is a solid foundation for success. Thanks to our measures implemented at a time of increasing online competition, we have gained an advantage, which clearly shows that positioning remains extremely important for any business operating on the Internet.

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