By Zieliński Jerzy

Semstorm – what is it worth using it for?

Semstorm is an SEO and marketing tool that offers many features useful to industry professionals. It allows you to select keywords for SEO and Google Ads, and to look for new topics, for example, for blog articles. Today I described how to use Semstorm to create better marketing campaigns.

Semstorm – what is this tool?

is a tool that allows you to monitor the positions of phrases, analyze keywords in terms of the number of monthly searches and compare your results to those of your competitors. It is primarily useful for search engine visibility work, but you can also use it to search for phrases for Google Ads campaigns. Depending on the plan you choose, Semstorm costs between $129 and $899 per month.

What will you do in Semstorm?

First of all, you will select keywords in Semstorm, but the available options do not end there. The tool offers features such as:

  • Keyword analysis – Semstorm allows you to choose the right keywords for your website and compare them with your competitors. This allows you to find high-potential keywords that will help you rank high in search results. At the same time, you can enter up to 10 phrases into Semstorm’s search engine.
  • Position monitoring – the tool allows you to track the position of your website and competitors in Google search results. This will allow you to quickly check whether your SEO efforts are effective.
semstorm seo analysis

  • Competitor analysis
    – Semstorm also allows for competitive analysis, so you can compare your visibility with other brands operating in your industry.
  • Content assistant – in Semstorm you can also improve your texts for SEO – the assistant analyzes your competitors’ texts and suggests what keywords to use, how long the text should be, whether you need to add more headlines, etc.

How to use Semstorm in SEO, Google Ads, copywriting and e-commerce?

The answer to the question Semstorm what is this tool is not clear, because it can be used in virtually any branch of Internet marketing.

1.Semstorm vs keywords (SEO, Google Ads, e-commerce)

The keyword selection section is strong in Semstorm, as there are several sections to choose from. Keyword Search for SEO and Google Ads takes into account the average number of monthly searches and the cost per click for CPC campaigns. You’ll get broader data if you choose the e-commerce option: here the source is not only Google’s search engine, but also such platforms as Amazon, Etsy, Olx,, Empik, etc.

semstorm keywords

2.Semstorm for copywriters

The tool also makes life easier for copywriters: the first useful tool is the Theme Generator. After typing in a key phrase, Semstorm prompts for queries typed by users into the search engine. For example, typing in the simple phrase dress, you get at least a dozen suggestions for topics(dresses that subtract pounds, what to do so that the dress does not electrify, what to do so that the dress does not curl up, etc.).

Once the topic is chosen, you can use Semstorm’s Content Assistant to make your text rank better. However, I advise you to come to it with a distance, because sometimes the tool suggests powerful competitors who have a site inflated with a very large amount of content. So it happens that Semstorm suggests writing a text of tens of thousands of characters with spaces, containing at least a dozen repetitions of a given phrase. The tool is only meant to make work easier and suggest solutions, so it is better not to aim for the highest possible results at all costs.

As you can see, Semstorm can be used in several ways and provides quite a bit of useful data. If you are short of time and want analytics and positioning of your site to be handled by a specialist, contact me.

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