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ROAS target strategy for AdMob users

More and more companies are choosing to reach out to customers through their own apps and selling or acquiring leads directly through the app. It’s worth going into it. Especially since Google itself allows companies to promote themselves precisely through mobile applications. What’s more, it encourages developers to make their apps available as advertising space and make money from it. You can use this option, and by doing it effectively you will really gain a lot. Read about how to use the Target ROAS rate-setting strategy to earn the most from display ads in your own app. To get started, you should also learn the meaning of the term AdMob. All in the rest of the article!

AdMob – what is it?

It’s a Google service that lets you earn money by displaying ads in mobile apps. With AdMob, developers can be sure that the ads displayed in their apps will be perfectly tailored to the nature and specifics of their applications. Various types of advertising and payments are available under this system. Ads are prepared and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products – but they always do so according to the preferences of the app owner (who sets the criteria for each type of ad).

AdMob is another advertising space provided by Google, which can be used by both advertisers – business owners and app owners. It’s worth it, especially since successful user acquisition, supports the ability to use the Target ROAS rate setting strategy.

If you want to make money from ads on your mobile app use the right rate setting strategy for your app promotion campaign. It will help increase its effectiveness and acquire a more significant return on investment.

Target ROAS at AdMob

About what it is
I have already written on the blog. For AdMob users, the Target ROAS rate-setting strategy is worth considering if you’re concerned about earning a certain return on your ad spend on campaigns that promote your app.

How to calculate Target ROAS in AdMob? All you have to do is upload data from Google Analytics – specifically, the dynamic value of revenue from in-app events – to Google Ads. By doing so, you will raise the average monetary value of the return for every zloty invested on acquiring app users.

For the purposes of determining rates as an app developer, you should send all revenue data from AdMob ads or third-party services to Google Analytics. Only by collecting all the data will you be able to use the Target ROAS strategy.

You are three steps away from generating revenue using the Target ROAS rate-setting strategy:

  1. Adding ad revenue data to the GA service.
  2. Combining GA service with Google Ads.
  3. Sending an ad_impression event from Google Analytics to Google Ads.
  4. Configure ad revenue generation using the Target ROAS strategy in an app promotion campaign and select an ad_impression event to optimize the campaign for ad revenue.

The above rate-setting strategy is one of the options available for managing app promotion campaigns. To choose the best one for your business model, it is worth testing different variants, but their variety gives you the opportunity to realistically earn from this type of activity. If you are interested in effective advertising activities that will increase profits in your business – contact me. Together we will choose the most profitable strategy of operation.

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