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Positioning of websites abroad

Doing business online is becoming more and more profitable these days, which means that many companies are looking for ways to expand their business to foreign markets. One of the most important steps here is SEO abroad. See what to consider and what tools will help you succeed.

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Selection of foreign markets

The first step to start effective positioning abroad is to choose the right markets that have potential. This depends on many factors, such as demand, cultural differences, product availability and competition. It is also worth considering customer preferences and habits, the availability of distribution channels, as well as regulations and legal requirements.

Analysis of competition in foreign markets

Once you’ve chosen the foreign markets you want to target with your marketing efforts, it’s a good idea to carefully analyze the competition in those markets. It is important to pay attention to what products and services competitors offer, their prices, customer preferences, as well as the marketing strategies used by competitors. Detailed
SEO competitive analysis
will help you avoid mistakes made by companies already operating in the market you are interested in. This will facilitate the creation of an effective positioning strategy to ensure success in the foreign market.

Website optimization for foreign markets

The next important step is to optimize the website for foreign markets. To this end, it’s worth paying attention to such elements as language customization, content translation, and currency options. It is also worth ensuring that the website is properly optimized for SEO, as in operating exclusively in the Polish market. This will lead to better results in the search results, thus increasing the number of visitors to the site.

positioning of sites abroad choice of currency

Content creation for foreign markets

Creating content for foreign markets is key when it comes to SEO abroad. It is important that the content is tailored to the preferences and cultural habits of customers in a given market. It is also important to remember to properly translate the content so that it can be understood by the audience.
in a foreign language fortunately does not have to involve high costs and problems finding a copywriter, as content can be translated using plug-ins such as

positioning of websites abroad choice of language

Link building in foreign markets

Link building
is another important element of positioning a site in foreign markets. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the tools and strategies available to help build a strong link profile that meets the requirements of a particular market. It’s worth buying foreign language links on local portals to build your site’s credibility.

Monitor results and adjust activities

The last but very important step in SEO abroad is to monitor results and adjust actions. You should regularly analyze data related to site traffic, number of conversions, campaign costs, etc. This will enable you to adapt your marketing activities to changing conditions in foreign markets and achieve even better results.


Positioning a website in foreign markets is a process that requires proper analysis, planning and strategy. The key elements are selection of foreign markets, competitive analysis, website optimization, content creation and link building. It is also important to regularly monitor performance and adjust activities to achieve success in foreign markets. Therefore, if a company wants to successfully position its website in foreign markets, it should pay attention to the above factors and use the available tools and strategies.

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