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Page Speed Insights a SEO

Are you familiar with PagesSpeed Insights? This tool is crucial for SEO, as the loading speed of a website is important for the user experience and the website’s position in search results. Find out why you should use this tool provided by Google and how to use the data it contains.

What is the Page Speed Insights tool?

Page Speed Insights
is a tool developed by Google to measure how fast web pages load on mobile and desktop devices.

How does web page load speed affect SEO?

The faster a website loads, the better – both for users and for the site’s position in search results. Websites that load quickly tend to get better SEO results and have a better chance of achieving higher rankings in search results.

The Page Speed Insights tool measures the loading speed of a website and evaluates its performance based on several indicators, such as loading time, first-paint delay, interaction delay, etc. The tool also offers suggestions on how to improve the loading speed of a website.

Websites should be optimized for loading speed, which will improve their position in search results and user experience. Optimizing a website for loading speed includes such steps:

  • Optimize images and multimedia,
  • Minimizing the number of HTTP requests,
  • Use of CSS and JavaScript file compression,
  • Use of fast and reliable hosting,
  • use of cache technology,
  • Minimizing server response time.

What will you learn from Google’s website speed check tool?

Here is some of the most important data that can be found in the Page Speed Insights tool:

  1. Page speed indicator – the tool displays a score in the form of a percentage, which determines the loading speed of a website. The higher the score, the faster the website loads, and thus is certainly better received by users who come to it.
  1. Optimization suggestions – the tool offers detailed suggestions and tips on how you can improve the loading speed of your website. These suggestions include aspects such as optimizing images and multimedia, minimizing the number of HTTP requests, using CSS and JavaScript file compression, using fast and reliable hosting, using cache technology, minimizing server response time, etc.
  1. Performance statistics – the tool displays statistics on website performance, such as page load time, first-paint time, interaction time, etc.
  1. Website mobility assessment – the tool also evaluates the mobility of a website and displays suggestions on how to improve its mobility, such as removing buttons that are too close together or increasing the font size.
  1. Mobile optimization evaluation – the tool also evaluates the optimization of the website for mobile devices and displays suggestions on how to improve it.


Page Speed Insights are important for SEO because they indicate elements that are relevant to users – your customers. What’s more – Page Speed Insights provides a range of important information about a website’s performance, allowing you to evaluate and improve its loading speed and mobility. And this translates into improved search engine results and a better user experience. Any problem with the website? Z positioning? Maybe you want to attract more customers through it? Give us a call – we’ll talk about opportunities that will work for you!

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