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Newsletter what is it?

In 2023, it’s already hard to imagine marketing without the Internet, as it’s where customer communications are largely moving to. One of the most popular tools used by entrepreneurs, bloggers and marketers is the newsletter. What is a newsletter and what are the benefits of using it? Check out this short guide on how to better understand and leverage the potential of a newsletter.

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What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a regular electronic newsletter sent to subscribers. It is a form of communication in which the sender delivers valuable content, information, updates or promotions to the recipients’ inbox. Newsletters are sent via e-mail and are an effective way building relationships with recipients , keeping them engaged and generating traffic to a website or online store.

Benefits of the newsletter

  1. Building loyalty: newsletters allow regular contact with recipients and build strong relationships. By providing valuable content, you can gain the trust and loyalty of your readers.
  2. Generate website traffic: newsletters can be an effective tool to attract users to a website, blog or online store. Redirecting audiences to a specific page or promoting new content increases traffic.
  3. Promotion of products and services: the newsletter allows you to promote products, services or special offers. This allows you to effectively reach potential customers and increase sales.
  4. Building a strong brand: regular delivery of valuable content through a newsletter helps build brand awareness and the image of an expert in a particular field.

Is the newsletter paid for?

The price of using the newsletter may vary depending on the chosen mailing tool and the number of subscribers. However, there are free tools that allow you to send newsletters to a limited number of recipients. For larger subscriber bases or advanced features, a paid account may be required.

How to create a good newsletter?

  1. Determine the purpose and target audience: before you start creating a newsletter, determine what the purpose of your communication is and who your target audience is.
  2. Plan the content: make a plan for the content you want to deliver in your newsletter. Remember that content should be valuable, interesting and tailored to the audience’s interests.
  3. Create an attractive template: choose a professional and attractive newsletter template for a consistent look and readability.
  4. Subscriber base: make sure to regularly collect email addresses from people interested in subscribing to your newsletter. You can do this through forms on the website, social media or advertising campaigns.
  5. Consider Call to Action : Include a clear Call to Action in your newsletter, encouraging recipients to take a specific action, such as visiting a site, buying a product or signing up for an event.
  6. Analyze results: regularly monitor and analyze the results of your newsletter. Check open rates, click-through rates and audience response to adjust your mailing strategy.
newsletter what is an example

A good newsletter: an example

If you’re looking for inspiration for your newsletter, here are some examples to help you:

  • The Skimm – this newsletter aimed mainly at women provides a daily dose of information from various fields such as politics, business, culture and lifestyle. Known for its accessible way of presenting news, The Skimm is a great example of a newsletter that delivers valuable content in an accessible and engaging way.
  • The Marginalian (formerly Brain Pickings) – focuses on culture, art, literature and philosophy. This is an excellent example of a newsletter that provides unique and inspiring content for both professionals and enthusiasts.
  • The Hustle – aimed mainly at entrepreneurs and people interested in business provides news, market analysis and interesting facts related to the business world. The Hustle is an example of a newsletter that provides valuable industry-related information, helping readers stay informed and do good research before making a business decision.
  • Cook Smarts – focuses on the topics of cooking and healthy eating. Provides recipes, nutrition tips and meal organization tips.

Remember that inspiration from these or other examples should serve as a starting point for creating a unique newsletter that fits your brand, target audience and communication goals.

A newsletter is an effective communication tool that allows you to provide valuable content and build relationships with your audience. With regular updates and promotions, you can increase reader engagement, generate traffic, and promote products and services.

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