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Lazy loading: why does it paradoxically speed up loading?

The loading speed of a page has a huge impact on the UX and, consequently, the page’s position. When we hear the phrase: lazy load, what comes to mind is slow loading, which Google strongly disapproves of. In reality, however, lazy load paradoxically speeds up page loading. Want to learn more about how to boost your website? You can find tips in this article!

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Lazy load – what is it?

Lazy load is an advanced optimization technique that allows a site to load resources, such as images, only when they are visible on the user’s screen. In other words, the page loads content as you scroll, instead of loading up with all the elements at once. This allows the page to load faster and more efficiently, and this is liked not only by users, but also by Google.

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Why does lazy load speed up loading?

Image lazy load speeds up page loading by minimizing the amount of content that is loaded when a page is accessed. When a user visits the site, they don’t have to wait for all the images, files and content to load at once. Instead, only the items on the screen are loaded, significantly reducing loading time. This makes the site appear faster and more responsive, providing a better user experience.

Impact of lazy load on users and SEO

Lazy load has a beneficial effect on both users and SEO optimization. On the one hand, reducing page load times improves the user experience by minimizing the frustration of long waits. On the other hand, improving crawl time has a positive impact on dwell time and bounce rate. Longer dwell times and lower bounce rates have the potential to improve a site’s position in search results.

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Lazy load WordPress implementation

On WordPress, implementing lazy load is easy, because you can do it simply by using the available plugins. An example is the popular plugin
Lazy Load by WP Rocket,
which allows easy customization of settings and advanced control over which elements should be delayed in loading. This is important, because if you set the plug-in wrong, the user will not load any graphics at the start, and the page will display incorrectly. The images at the top of the page should therefore not belong to image lazy load.

lazy load information

Lazy load is a powerful optimization tool that paradoxically contributes to faster page loading. Want to optimize your site and make it load faster? Contact me!

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