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How to sell over the phone?

Effective sales over the phone is a skill that is of great importance to many companies these days. In an era of digital communication, the telephone remains a powerful tool for establishing customer relationships and generating profits. However, successful telephone sales requires not only certain skills, but also the right strategy and approach. In today’s post, we’ll look at how to sell over the phone to achieve business success.

Telephone sales techniques

Selling effectively over the phone can be a challenge, but using a few proven techniques can significantly increase your chances of success. Here are seven foolproof telephone sales techniques:

Visualization and storytelling

A visualization and storytelling approach can significantly increase your sales effectiveness. Instead of focusing only on the benefits of the product, show how the product or service can improve the customer’s life. Use stories and visuals that appeal to the viewer’s emotions.
Example: Tell a customer how clean their home will be after buying your vacuum cleaner, especially if they have children or pets. Imagine a vacuum cleaner that can handle any type of dirt, saving the customer time and effort.

Apparent choice

This technique involves posing the customer with an apparent choice between two options instead of asking if they are interested in buying. This makes the customer feel like they are making the choice themselves, which can increase the propensity to make a decision.

Sandwich technique

This approach is to start the conversation with the positive aspects of the offer, then present the price, and then return to the benefits. This may make the price seem less important compared to the benefits.

Offer dispensing technique

Don’t flood the customer with all the available benefits at once. Instead, keep a few extra assets on hand to re-engage the customer’s interest and keep their attention if necessary.

Rule of unavailability

People often want what is difficult to access. Create the impression that the offer is limited in time or quantity to encourage the customer to make a quick decision.

First sentence as a catch

First impressions are key. Try to start the conversation right away with something that will grab the customer’s attention and make them want to continue the conversation.

Minimize the price

Break the price into smaller pieces to emphasize that the offer is more affordable. You can compare the price of the product to the customer’s other daily expenses.

Does selling by phone still work?

Yes, selling over the phone still works and is an effective tool for business! Although many companies are investing in online marketing,
and other modern sales methods, telephone sales still have their place and importance.

Here are some reasons why selling by phone is still important and effective:

  • Personal contact: The telephone allows direct, personal contact with potential customers. You can answer questions, address concerns and establish a relationship with the customer.
  • Speed: Calling potential customers allows you to reach them quickly and provide live information.
  • Offer customization: Using your phone, you can tailor your offer to your customer’s specific needs and preferences, which can increase sales effectiveness.
  • Control over the conversation: The salesperson has control over the conversation and can steer it to focus on the key aspects of the offering.
  • Problem solving: The phone allows you to address any problems or concerns the customer may have in real time, which can increase the likelihood of making a purchase.
  • Effectiveness: In some industries and cases, selling by phone can be more effective than other methods, especially for products or services that require explanation or negotiation.
  • Support and relationships: After the sale, the phone can continue to be used to maintain customer relationships and provide after-sales support.

However, it is worth noting that selling over the phone requires proper preparation, staff training, and adherence to telephone ethics. It’s not always the right way to sell in every industry or situation, so it’s important to tailor your sales strategy to your specific needs and market characteristics. It is also worth taking into account the changing preferences and expectations of customers and using modern tools such as
, which can streamline the sales process over the phone.

What competencies do you need to have to sell over the phone?

Selling over the phone is a specific form of commerce that requires certain unique competencies and skills. Here are some of the key competencies needed to successfully sell over the phone:

  • Verbal communication: The ability to express one’s thoughts clearly and persuasively is crucial. You should be confident and speak clearly so that the customer understands your arguments.
  • Understanding the product/service: You must have an excellent understanding of what you are selling in order to effectively communicate information to the customer and answer their questions.
  • Listening skills: A good salesperson listens to the customer. This allows you to understand his needs, concerns and preferences, which in turn makes it easier to customize your offer.
  • Empathy: Compassion and empathy help build relationships with clients. They show that you are interested in his needs and willing to help.
  • Problem-solving skills: Difficulties or customer questions often arise that require a creative solution. The ability to think quickly and find answers is important.
  • Negotiation: Many sales phone calls end with negotiations over price or terms. The ability to negotiate effectively is invaluable.
  • Patience: The customer is not always ready to make a decision right away. You need to be patient and willing to work on building relationships, even if the first contact doesn’t bring immediate results.
  • Knowledge of tools and technology: You must be familiar with telecommunication tools such as cell phones, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and other tools to facilitate telephone work.
  • Self-discipline: Working by phone can be lonely and requires self-discipline. You need to be disciplined in scheduling your time and staying productive.
  • Mastering emotions: Phone calls will not always go well. The ability to remain calm and professional even in difficult situations is crucial.
  • Understanding sales psychology: Knowing the basic principles of sales psychology can help you better understand customer behavior and adjust your sales strategy.
  • Accuracy and organization: it is important to accurately keep records of calls, customer information and progress in the sales process. Organization is key to effectiveness.
  • Caring for the customer: After the sale, it is important to maintain contact with the customer, provide after-sales support and nurture long-term relationships.

These competencies are key to selling over the phone, but it’s worth remembering that each salesperson may be different and have their own unique skills that bring success. It is important to continuously improve these competencies and adapt them to the specific needs of the market and customers.


Selling over the phone is not only a skill area, but also a process that requires planning, strategy and continuous improvement. Remember that in order to be effective in telephone sales, care should be taken to build a relationship with the customer, understand their needs and tailor the offer to their expectations. In addition, proper preparation is also key to success. With the right approach and practice, you can achieve excellent results in telephone sales.

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