By Zieliński Jerzy

Google Ads campaign optimization

Only the change is permanent. These wise words also, and perhaps especially, apply to advertising reality. This is also the case with Ads campaigns. Just creating a valuable and, above all, effective campaign is not the easiest thing to do. Moreover, even those campaigns that have been prepared perfectly can lose their effectiveness over time. What is the reason for this?

Google is an external and independent environment that is constantly changing. Google strives to be as user-friendly as possible for its users – Internet users – so it is making more and more demands on advertisers. Well, and we can’t forget about the competition, which operates in a googled environment and refines its ads to perfection. All these circumstances mean that every Google Ads campaign simply needs optimization.

Ads campaign optimization – what is it?

A Google ad campaign is supposed to accomplish a specific goal. Generalizing, it’s about getting users interested in just your ad, so that they visit your website and perform the action you care about. Ads optimization involves observing and analyzing your campaign and responding to its results. The result of optimization is expected to be better campaign results, meaning more benefits for your business.

How to effectively optimize Ads campaigns?

I certainly approach each one individually, although in my work on Ads campaign optimization I stick to a few rules that I sincerely recommend:

  • take care of reliable data – preferably from several days and different groups of ads, coming from properly configured and reliable tools;
  • have an open mind – when analyzing data, you need to catch non-obvious relationships, look for ways to improve campaign performance, create hypotheses and test them;
  • based on knowledge you will do the most – the basis when optimizing a campaign is to know the functionality and settings of the Google Ads system and to follow the changes that Google often makes;
  • act rationally and don’t optimize too often – you need a moment to observe the results of the campaign to make the right decisions about changes that will actually increase the effectiveness of the ads;
  • Give yourself time, but be systematic – observation is important, but to be effective it must involve regular action;
  • Don’t be afraid of adjustments – they need to be made to get better results.

What to fix, or how does Ads campaign optimization work in practice?

All the work involved in Ads optimization depends on the goals to be achieved by the campaign. Once these have been determined (the goal may be to increase conversions or lower CPCs), it is worth looking at the target audience you want to reach with your ad. Analysis of the online behavior of potential customers of products and services, extended by observation of competitors is a good basis for further action. It will help us identify valuable campaign directions. The next step is to look at the structure of the campaign and verify the elements that need improvement in this area. It is impossible to overlook keywords, which for Ads optimization and the success of the entire campaign are fundamental. Finally, you need to take care of the ads themselves, i.e. persuasive content, as well as control over their effectiveness. Finally, the last element that is of great importance to the Internet user is the landing pages. This is where it becomes apparent whether the page that a customer clicks on will allow him or her to conveniently make a purchase, obtain contact information for a company or download an e-book.

By acting in accordance with the above, you will eliminate basic mistakes, the most common ones being inappropriate keywords, bad campaign structure, mistakes in ad texts, and finally, lack of data analysis and effectiveness monitoring.

Professional optimization of Ads campaigns

It brings results that will amaze the greatest unbelievers. Sometimes it’s hard to convince yourself to do things differently after a misguided campaign, but it definitely pays to run a campaign professionally. You will gain:

  1. A new campaign quality – improving indicators,
  2. Reducing the cost of Ads campaigns,
  3. Increasing the return on investment of Ads advertising,
  4. Widening the circle of potential customers to whom advertising and information about the company will reach,
  5. higher conversion – more Internet users will perform the actions you are hoping for, i.e. purchases, contacts with your company or e-book downloads.


Investing time and money in optimizing Ads campaigns is a worthwhile decision. It is even essential. Especially if the basis of the business is a customer coming from the Internet. It’s good for campaign optimization from A to Z to be based on knowledge and experience. With this combination, the effect is sure to be more than satisfactory.

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