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How to create category descriptions for SEO?

Category descriptions are just as important for SEO as product descriptions, so it is worth taking care of their content value and quality. This is another of the elements that, done well, will positively influence both thepositioningas well as on the propensity of customers to make purchases just in your store. Read a short tutorial on how to write a category description.

Category description – copywriting matters

Category descriptions are often overlooked because customers quickly move on to browse products. However, you can take a different approach and use the category description as a place to convey relevant knowledge to the customer and an effective part of the sales funnel. Why invest in a good category description?

  1. It informs customers and provides data that can effectively persuade them to buy.
  2. It provides customers with a signpost as to what further steps to take in the store.
  3. It affects the amount of conversions.
  4. It is very important for positioning effects.

I will focus on the last point and the use of product category descriptions as a support to raise the position of the store in natural search results.

Hear how to write category descriptions so you don’t waste time, but increase visibility:

How to create category descriptions for SEO?

A category description is a place for content that, when properly thought out and presented, will increase the value of a website. Its length is important, although there are no specific standards. Make the most of category descriptions to naturally include: keywords, headings, internal linking.

Elements to focus on:

  1. Content, as always for SEO, must be unique, only then does it provide value. It should also be useful to the users of your store, so remember that you are writing for people and it is for them that you should use benefit language. This way you will create descriptions that will both position and sell.
  2. Headings and mid-headings – will make the customer more likely to read your category description and absorb the information provided in it. But more importantly for SEO – the use of H2 and H3 will be important for search engine position. Remember to leave the H1 heading for the category name. This will introduce a simple hierarchy in the store.
  3. Internal linking is important because it carries out on the side of not only customers, but also search engine robots. What to look out for? Links must occur naturally, fit the content in question, and be embedded with a well-chosen anchor.
  4. Proper formatting of the text – using bold or underlining provides value not only for customers. The text will also be more readable for search engine robots.

Category description for SEO – it makes sense!

Good copywriting applied to the creation of a category description can work wonders and positively boost a store’s position in the SERPs. This is a fact that is definitely worth accepting and implementing in your own store.

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