By Zieliński Jerzy

Home page of the online store 

The home page is the first element most often encountered by customers coming to your offer. First impressions are made only once, and so it is with the website as well. Therefore, already at the stage of designing the store, take care not only of the product sub-pages and the presentation of the assortment. Remember, it is this main page of the website that is supposed to encourage the customer to want to explore the offer further. Read about the elements you should really take care of when creating an online store homepage.

Home page for search engine robots

There are fixed elements that must be on the homepage in order for search engine robots to index it effectively and highly in search results. Here you need a header, the body part of the page and a footer. Each of these elements should be infused with valuable, unique content. It is a necessity to ensure that the site is responsive, that is, friendly to display on mobile devices.

14 steps to the perfect homepage for your customers

I have collected the elements that work for online store users. Take care of them to give your store’s users comprehensive information, give them a sense of security, and encourage them to make a satisfying purchase. All of these activities are of great value for successfully closing sales. Customers buy, only in those stores that give exactly what they need. Read how to act to have a homepage that works pro sales:

  1. Ensure that the customer knows what you are selling as soon as they enter the site.
  2. Promote the offer already at the top of the homepage. Apply urgency and scarcity triggers.
  3. Make everything look professional. Don’t overload the home page, make sure the design is correct, and focus on the first impression.
  4. Fine-tune the valuable graphics on the homepage and have them be original and of high quality.
  5. Keep the visual hierarchy simple for clarity.
  6. Highlight specific offerings from the store-special near the top of the home page.
  7. Ensure a distinctive CTA with an effective call-to-action – for example. Start shopping.
  8. Have the main product categories display first, preferably with descriptive photos near the top of the home page.
  9. Take advantage of special category pages – such as novelties, sales, or “20% off.” They are the ones that effectively move users into shopping mode.
  10. Take care of those who return to your store – let them see the items they viewed last time.
  11. Offer customers quick contact with the store – easily visible live chat, phone number, email.
  12. Find a place to highlight the store’s mission, its vision, perhaps the history of its founders.
  13. List the most important products, and don’t forget to include links to quickly go to specific product subpages.
  14. Highlight the main benefits of shopping at your store.

Store homepage – how the best do it

Domodi online store website. It effectively presents the categorization of the assortment. He hints at taking advantage of seasonal offerings. It suggests the option to take advantage of free delivery and discount codes. Everything on the home page – clearly and suggestively.

The home page of tire seller Oponeo. Clear communication about products in sales. It takes advantage of highlighting the benefits of shopping right there. Presents clear information about the available promotional action.

A good home page for an online store – summary

Every website has a homepage, but whether yours will be more than just a business card depends entirely on the actions you take. You can think of my tips as a checklist that is really worth focusing on.

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