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Google Street View – how does it work?

Google Street View is a feature of the popular digital map, Google Maps, that allows users to view and explore images of 360-degree panoramas of streets around the world. This amazing technology allows us to virtually travel to places that may be thousands of miles from our home. But how does Google Street View work? What is its importance for business?

How does Google Street View work?

Google’s Street View works through specially designed vehicles that are equipped with high-quality digital cameras. These vehicles drive around the streets of cities around the world, creating 360-degree panoramic photos. Thanks to advanced software, these images are then combined to create a continuous “path” through the streets that can be viewed by Google Maps users.

It is not only vehicles on the road that are used to collect images. Google also uses tricycles, boats and even people equipped with a backpack with a camera to reach hard-to-reach places such as narrow alleys, parks and mountain trails.

All these images are processed and checked for privacy. Google automatically blurs faces and car license plates to protect the privacy of people and vehicles seen in the images.

The importance of Google Street View for business

For business, Google’s Street View has many benefits. The first and most important is to increase the company’s online visibility. With Google’s Street View, potential customers can “visit” your location virtually before they decide to do so in person. The opportunity to see the interior of the restaurant,
or store before going there definitely helps in the decision-making process.

In addition, companies can use Google Street View to create virtual tours of their facilities, which is particularly valuable for the hospitality, real estate and tourism industries. Virtual tours allow potential customers to “stay” in a hotel, “walk” through a house for sale, or “tour” a tourist attraction before they decide to make an actual visit.

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Another benefit is better performance in local SEO. Google gives bonuses to companies that use its tools well, and Street View is one of them. The more information about your company that is available on Google, the higher that company can appear in Google’s search results, which translates into greater visibility for potential customers.

In conclusion, Google Street View is a powerful tool for businesses that offers many opportunities for promotion and visibility. And now that you know how it works, you have even more reasons to take advantage of its potential!

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