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Google Hotel Ads – changes to Performance Max in 2023

On March 7, Google announced changes related to hotel advertising – Performance Max campaigns designed for travel purposes for hotel service providers are coming into use. The changes are intended to make it easier to connect with people who are planning a trip and to increase bookings from Google Hotel Ads. What’s worth knowing if you’re in the travel business?

What are Google Hotel Ads all about?

Google is increasingly betting on AI, which also translates into changes in campaigns for hotels. Performance Max is to use machine learning to display relevant ads to travel planners. Google Hotel Ads are to appear on the search network, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, the ad network, the video network and Discover cards. Campaigns
Performance Max
for hotels will begin displaying later this year.

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Google declares that the process of acquiring new visitors will be simplified: 1 setup is enough to display ads in different formats. The ads will consist of components such as text, images and URLs. You can either use elements pre-made by Google Ads or add your own. Google usually uses images of hotels that are already available in the search engine, but you can add your own if necessary. However, ads are created flexibly, so partners belonging to Google’s ad network can use other images available on your website or social media profiles.

What are the benefits of using Performance Max Hotel Ads campaigns?

As usual, Google argues that Performance Max gives about. 18% more conversions than other campaigns at similar cost of operation. On the advertiser’s side is to set the budget, location, language and conversion goals, and the rest will be taken care of by AI, which will determine rates, optimize ads across channels and look for the most effective component groups. Google is to introduce special audience signals to help you target users looking for a hotel like yours. More advertising channels allow you to reach more potential visitors.

google hotel ads

How to use Google Hotel Ads?

To set up Hotel Ads, just create a Perfomance Max campaign, and in the section: What are you advertising? select: Hotels. If this option is not available, it means that your advertising account does not meet the requirements to run travel-related ads. You can learn more about this on Google’s support page:

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Hotel Ads campaigns are designed not only for small businesses, but also for hotel chains: you can advertise up to 100 hotels in a single campaign.

If you have a Hotel Center account, you can link it to Google Ad s – then Ads will immediately have information about the facilities you serve. Multiple Hotel Center accounts can be linked to a single Google Ads account. If you are not using Hotel Center, you can create a hotel property data file for which you need the URLs of your hotels in Google Maps.

If you’re already using Performance Max to advertise your hotel, Google does not recommend launching campaigns targeting travel destinations at the same time, as the campaigns will compete with each other. If you have a choice, it’s a good idea to start with venues that have high occupancy, as the campaign will learn more quickly what activities are effective.

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