By Zieliński Jerzy

Google CSS – what is it?

Thanks to the European Commission’s decision, the Google CSS price comparison engine is no longer the only one you can use to have your ads displayed on Google Shopping. The article explains what a CSS comparison engine is and how you will save 20% on click-through costs for product campaigns on Google. Sound good? Read on and you’ll know how to take advantage of it!

What is Google CSS?

CSS stands for Comparison Shopping Service, which is a price comparison service that works within Google Shopping. Until recently, this place was reserved exclusively for Google. However, the European Commission, declaring Google’s CSS a monopoly, ordered it to make advertising space available to other companies. As a result, today the ad boxes in which Google Merchant Center product ads appear are also available for other price comparison sites – such as Ceneo or my company’s Zielinski Jerzy.

Below in red are where the name of the CSS price comparison engine through which the ad is broadcast appears.

Why use a price comparison engine other than Google’s CSS?

First of all, for the sake of saving money! I set up a CSS comparison engine that my clients use. Just being added to CSS Zielinski Jerzy results in clients achieving 20% lower click-through rates compared to what they were paying on Google. How is this possible? Google adds a 20% commission to each click. In contrast, the offer for other CSS comparison sites is devoid of this commission. When making my CSS available to clients, I do not add any fees or commissions. There are companies on the market that have created their own CSSs and charge customers, either for joining or as a commission. My CSS is completely free.

Benefits of joining the CSS Zielinski Jerzy

This is a very good solution for you, because you can only benefit from it. Here’s exactly what you gain:

  • Your ads will be displayed in the same way as before on Google, but the clicks will cost less. This is pure economy.
  • You will reduce the costs spent on the existing campaign by 20%. And that’s with minimal effort! You will simply get rid of the commission that Google is now charging you.
  • Adding yourself to my CSS is very easy and does not require sharing your campaign account information or access to any sensitive data.
  • Using CSS Zielinski Jerzy is free of charge. No hidden costs. With advertising coverage for the entire European Union.

What does it take to use Google from the CSS comparison site Zielinski Jerzy?

It’s very simple and doesn’t require access to sensitive data. We need:

  1. Google Merchant Center account number
  2. product feed from Google Merchant Center (to add products to our comparison engine)


Google CSS is a great option, tested by many. Thanks to regulations eliminating the advertising monopoly within the European Union, you too can gain 20% savings on your search engine product campaigns. Simple, fast, with some profit! Get my help and free price comparison CSS Zielinski Jerzy.

Do you have questions or still have any concerns – call or write. We can discuss everything and explain in detail. I am also available if you need help with a Google Ads campaign.

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