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Google Ads local campaign

Google Ads local campaign is a tool that allows you to effectively reach customers in a specific area. With this solution, you can stand out from the competition and reach the right audience in a convenient way. In this article, you will learn how to set up a Google Ads local campaign and its benefits.

What to look for in a local Google Ads campaign

I give the most important elements that a Google Ads local campaign should include and, which are worth paying attention to:

Choose the right keywords

Keywords are key elements in a Google Ads campaign. For a local campaign, it is worth paying attention to the long tail of keywords that relate to a specific location. For example, if you run a children’s goods store in Warsaw, it’s worth using keywords like “children’s goods in Warsaw,” “toy store in Warsaw,” “children’s goods in Warsaw,” etc. In this way, you will reach customers who are looking for products in your area.

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Set up geographic targeting

Google Ads local campaign allows you to choose the specific location where you want to display ads. This can be done at the national, regional, city or district level. Choosing the right geographic targeting allows you to effectively reach customers in a specific area, which increases the chance of conversion.

Tailor ads to your location

In a local Google Ads campaign, it is worthwhile to ensure that ads are tailored to a specific location. This can be done by indicating the address of the business, adding photos of the location, providing opening hours, and including information about the products or services offered that are available at the location. This will make it easier for potential customers to access information about your company.

Use local extensions

Local extensions are additional information about a company that appears in an ad on Google. This can include address, phone number, opening hours, and a link to a map with the location. By using local extensions, potential customers will find your business easier and faster.

Track campaign results

To be successful, a Google Ads local campaign must be under control. It’s worth tracking the results and adjusting the ads regularly. Google Ads allows you to analyze clicks, impressions, as well as costs.

Google Ads local campaign optimization

In addition to setting the right campaign parameters, it is crucial to optimize ads during the campaign. When it comes to a local campaign, there are several factors to consider:

  • Keywords: choose keywords that are related to your location and the service you offer. Pay attention to the long tail – that is, keywords consisting of several words, such as. “downtown vegetarian restaurant.” This will help you reach a more specific audience and increase the chances of your ad being clicked on.
  • Location: pay attention to the campaign location setting and the bid setting for specific locations. If you’re running a chain of stores, it’s a good idea to create separate campaigns for each location and tailor the offer to the specific needs of customers in that area.
  • Mobile screen: more and more users are browsing the Internet on mobile devices. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure your ads display correctly on small screens. Pay attention to a good selection of images and ad text, as well as the readability of your landing page.
  • Campaign monitoring: regularly checking campaign results allows you to react quickly to changes in user behavior and adjust your campaigns on the fly. Pay attention to
    click-through rate
    (CTR) and the cost per click (CPC).

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Benefits of local Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads local campaign offers many benefits for companies operating in a specific region. Here are some of the most important advantages:

  1. Effectively reach customers in a specific region – Local campaigns allow you to precisely reach customers in a specific geographic area, which is extremely important for companies that operate in specific cities or regions. As a result, Google Ads local campaigns help to increase advertising effectiveness and achieve better results.
  2. Targeting potential customers based on their location – Local campaigns allow you to target ads based on a user’s location, meaning that ads will only be shown to people who are in a specific geographic area. This allows the company to achieve better results with a smaller budget, as it does not waste money on advertising its products or services to people who cannot use them.
  3. Increase Ch ance of Conversion – Google Ads local campaigns help increase the chance of conversion because ads are shown only to people who are in a specific region and therefore more interested in the company’s offerings. This makes a local campaign more effective in generating sales than a general campaign.
  4. Cost optim ization – Local campaigns allow you to optimize advertising costs, as displaying ads only to users from a specific location increases campaign effectiveness. This means that the company can achieve better results with a smaller advertising budget.
  5. Ability to display business location information – Local campaigns allow you to display business location information on a Google map, making it easier for customers to find your point of sale. This makes it easier for customers to contact the company or visit its premises.
  6. Improve brand reach – Google Ads local campaigns allow you to reach specific audiences in your region to improve your brand’s reach and raise awareness of your brand among the local community. This allows us to build greater customer loyalty and increase the chances of attracting new customers.


Google Ads local campaign is an effective advertising tool for companies operating in specific areas. With properly set parameters, optimization of ads and regular monitoring of results, you can reach specific audiences with the right offer.

I will be happy to help you create a local Google Ads campaign to support your business – get my help!

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