By Zieliński Jerzy

Google Ads Extensions

Would you like to include additional information about your business in Google Ads? Are you looking for a way to better encourage search engine users to choose just your listing? Google has a way to do this, and even several – Google Ads Extensions. What’s more, he declares that these ways increase the click-through rate of ads by up to several percentage points. Read about Google Ads extensions. And be sure to start using them.

Google Ads extensions – what are they?

This isadditional information about the company that comes in the form of an extension of advertising.

The highest effectiveness is displayed directly on the search engine, but can also be applied to the search network. You will add them at the level of an entire account, a specific group of ads or a single campaign. A customer can click on your ad or just an extension of it. You will pay the same rate for both shares.

However, there is a catch, just adding the Google Ads extension does not guarantee that they will be displayed. In order for this to happen, your ads must meet several conditions, specifically to achieve: an appropriate minimum ad ranking (which is determined dynamically) and the highest possible ad position in search results. What’s more, there is no way to have all extensions displayed at once, Google only displays the most effective ones.

Benefits of using Google Ads extension

  • You provide customers with more information about your company and your offerings.
  • Your ad is richer in text and takes up more space in search results, making it more visible to customers.
  • More visible advertising attracts more interested Internet users, who are most likely to select and click on the most visible ads.
  • You stand out from the competition, your advertisement is more readable.
  • You eliminate the competition, leaving less room for them to appear in search results.

The most popular types of Google Ads extensions:

Subpage link extensions

With their help, the customer will already select the most interesting subpage on your site when the ad is displayed – perhaps with a promotional offer or a contact. A maximum of 6 extensions can be shown at one time.

Explanation extensions

Use them to show customers the benefits of your offerings. To do this within this extension you have a text field that holds 25 characters.

Extensions of information on the site

They will allow customers to see your offer, and without going to the website. You can use any of the 13 available, including but not limited to: models, types, services, facilities.

Connection extensions

With its help, a customer can call you immediately after displaying an ad. Users of the search engine value convenience, and shortening the selection of a number to one click is a very valuable opportunity. What’s more, you will acquire reports on how many calls were made to you just by using this extension, the reports are only for calls from cell phones.

Location extensions

The most valuable option for stationary companies. It is effective for customers who care to use the service at a particular location. You will show the customer the exact address and the distance from you. A bonus here is the ability to click on a pin, which opens a map with an exact route leading directly to your point.

Price extensions

Show customers the prices of products. You have up to 8 such extensions and a description for 25 characters. By presenting the price already in the content of the ad you will attract to your site those customers who are aware of the cost of your products and have already assessed whether they can afford them. This increases the chance of conversion.

Google Ads extensions – do it right

The need for Google Ads extensions is undeniable. Do this to increase your chance of being clicked just on your ad. It’s also a very simple way to get more conversions. If you need someone to teach you how to use the extensions or run and configure this feature for you – get my help.

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