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E-commerce trends in 2023

There is so much going on in e-commerce in 2023 that it won’t be easy to surprise the customer with something new. Experts predict a huge increase in e-commerce revenues to follow in the coming years. So what to expect in e-commerce in 2023? What will convince customers to spend money in online stores? Read on, and you’ll gain knowledge on what to work on to pinch a piece of the e-commerce pie for yourself!

What will e-commerce bet on in 2023?

The highly competitive e-commerce market is governed by its own rules and is growing rapidly. Therefore, in order to keep up with the hottest e-commerce trends of 2023, it is worth constantly following them and using them as a kind of hint about what to invest in and what to improve.

The entire 2023 announcement can be summed up rather briefly: we are focused on fully satisfying the customer, that is, communicating well with them and giving them the best possible experience with our store, service and products. What exactly should it look like? Work on the following areas:

Perfection in customer service

Customers who don’t get answers to their questions or negatively evaluate the customer service at a particular online store simply abandon shopping there. Therefore, the new year will bring further improvements in the ability to satisfy any customer concerns. All this to ensure that no question goes unanswered. It is worth taking care to build trust for the store. What’s more, it’s worth remembering that online sales take place at any time of the day or night, so it’s worth reaching for innovative solutions – such as chatbots, which even at 3 a.m. will effectively dispel the customer’s doubts and recommend the right products. Such trends in marketing 2023 are not only a benefit to the consumer, but also more convenient for the store owner.

Personalization to make each customer feel the most important

Customers’ love of being treated individually is a trend that has been triumphing for years. Customers pampered with personalized offers become loyal and close to the brand. To succeed in this area, you should work with the data that customers are increasingly willing to share on social media and elsewhere. They are the ones who will help create personalized offers. Inciting positive emotions and experiences.

New payment options and flexible delivery options

The above e-commerce elements are the most common reasons for shopping cart abandonment in online stores. All it takes is for anything to go wrong during the payment process or for the delivery option to fall short of expectations or raise questions – and the customer demotivates and seeks full satisfaction in another store. A revolution in terms of payment is the option to buy now – pay later, which customers are very eager to use, such as with the Klarna app. It is certainly one of the hot trends for 2023.

While when it comes to payments, customers are willing to defer them, when it comes to shipments, flexibility and transparency of delivery options are most important to them. They like to know what stage the order is at and exactly where their shipment is. Also, information about the precise time of delivery of ordered products is an important element that determines purchases from a particular store. So it is worth betting on transparency of information and wordiness on the subject of timely delivery.

An example of transparent information about the total cost, the possibility of deferred payment and precise delivery time. Source:

Social media all the time on top

Nowhere else are products and services so close to the customer. Social media provides a unique opportunity to reach a given target group very precisely, and this opportunity is priceless, especially for those brands that are aware of the power of social media and already know how to use this channel. Users are often inspired by social media – a key e-commerce trend, so don’t forget to publish visually appealing posts on a regular basis.

Omnichannel – a new lesson for e-commerce

Customers appreciate the opportunity for comprehensive contact with the seller. This is all the more important because customers from different age groups use different communication channels. Therefore, if you want to be in constant contact with your customers, realistically respond to their needs and questions in real time – tune in! A conversation with the help of a chatbox, an additional question asked via WhatsApp Business, and still a glimpse of social media reviews? This should not be a problem at all!

E-commerce in 2023 – summary

One thing is certain – 2023 will be a busy time for everyone in e-commerce, and on various levels. On the one hand, sales platforms, customer service and shipping logistics need to be constantly refined, while on the other hand, we need to respond to customer needs related to changes in the social and economic environment. Therefore, in addition to responding to the change in consumer behavior forced by high inflation, attention should also be paid to the pursuit of green behavior, an increasingly common practice desired by customers.

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