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Does website cataloging affect SEO?

Web cataloging a decade ago was essentially the primary method of SEO. The article explains what site directories are. You will also learn whether currently cataloging websites has any effect on SEO results.

Site cataloging – what is it?

I’ll start with what web directories are, because explaining this concept allows you to move smoothly to the meaning of web cataloging itself. Directories are websites where website owners post links leading to their websites.

You will come across all sorts of catalogs. And so we have general directories – unfortunately, usually the most spammed, they are rarely moderated and heavily cluttered. Better organized and more valuable seem to be industry-specific directories, because, as the name suggests – they are designed for companies in specific industries, grouped thematically. Placing an entry and link to a site in industry directories can cost from a few tens of zlotys even to several thousand zlotys. Everything depends on their quality. You’re also sure to come across company directories, which vary greatly in quality.

So – web cataloging is the placement of links to a website in web directories. The links in question are dofollow links, which are designed to help you rank higher in Google’s organic search results.

Does site cataloging affect SEO?

Since 2012, when an algorithm update called Penguin was introduced, web directories began to be seen by search engine robots as spammy SEO methods. Today’s search engine requirements mean that you should only use link acquisition methods that are natural in nature and come from valuable sources.

Has cataloging a site completely lost its meaning? By no means! Simply put, cataloging now requires the right approach – selecting only directories that are valuable and actually related to the subject matter of your business and industry, and are often paid. A dofollow link placed in a suitable, i.e. high quality directory, will positively affect the site’s position in search results. However, it is worth remembering that in order for cataloging to help achieve good positions in Google, it must be natural, that is, diverse.

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How to choose web directories?

You will verify valuable web directories with tools such as
. Thanks to them, you will learn the value of parameters relevant to search engine robots. Of greatest importance are Trust Flow, Domain Rating or traffic generated. Among other things, it is this data that determines the power of the catalog.

Once you have found a valuable place for your entry it is necessary to also ensure that the dofollow link has a proper casing in the form of a comprehensive and unique description of the company or services. It’s also a good idea to fill in full company and address details so that a directory entry is a real valuable showcase for a particular business.


Website cataloging is an essential part of link building. However, it is only effective if it is not the only source of linking. What matters is the quality and quantity of catalogs. Therefore, it is worth taking the time to find reliable services and professionally prepare the entries. Only this approach results in SEO success.

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