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Does the Skyscraper technique in link building still work?

What does a skyscraper have to do with positioning? Mainly presented quite a while ago, in 2015, with the Skyscraper technique created by Brian Dean of the
. A lot is changing in SEO, so there are doubts about whether the Skyscraper technique still works at all. In this article we will take a closer look at the tips for gaining links presented by the skyscraper technique.

Skyscraper SEO link building technique – what does it consist of?

The Skyscraper technique is based on 3 key steps, which include:

  • Finding existing content that has earned a large number of backlinks and is popular in the industry.
  • Creating new content that surpasses competitors’ content in quality.
  • Gaining links from other sites to enhance the position of your website (mainly by contacting the administrators of the domains linking the competitor’s article you have improved).

Is the Skyscraper technique in link building still effective?

The answer is yes, it still has the potential to bring positive SEO results.

Here’s why:

1. focus on high quality content

The increase in online competition makes high quality content crucial to success. Creating a valuable and unique one can attract the attention of both visitors and owners of other sites who may want to share links to your site. Original and engaging content is more likely to earn natural backlinks. Remember, however, that the content must also be well optimized for SEO, contain relevant keywords, and be easy to read and share. Skyscraper content SEO principles largely coincide simply with good SEO practices.

2. increase the authority of the site

Creating content of high quality and value allows you to strengthen your website’s authority in your industry. Gaining links from reputable sites increases your site’s credibility in the eyes of search engines, which can affect its position in search results. It is also worth mentioning that gaining links from industry authorities contributes to branding and the perception of your site as a credible source of information.

3. relationship building and cooperation

The Skyscraper technique requires interaction with other site owners and industry influencers. Establishing relationships with such individuals can lead to valuable collaborations and link exchanges. Long-term influencer relationships can bring more opportunities to gain backlinks in the future. Remember that relationship building is based on mutual benefit, so instead of SPAMming, be authentic and offer valuable content.

4 Analyze and improve strategies

To be successful using the Skyscraper technique, it is necessary to regularly monitor and analyze the results. Track your website’s traffic, changes in search engine positions, and the number and quality of backlinks gained. Use tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush or Google Analytics to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your strategy. Based on this data, adjust your operations, identifying weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

5. consideration of other aspects of SEO

Keep in mind that the Skyscraper technique is not the only key to SEO success. Other factors such as site optimization, appropriate use of keywords, good user experience, page load speed and proper link structure also affect positioning in search results. Therefore, it is important to take these factors into account and develop a comprehensive SEO strategy that covers various aspects of optimizing your site.

Alternative strategies: Reverse Outreach (reverse backlink acquisition strategy).

In addition to the Skyscraper technique, there is another effective strategy, also presented by Brian Dean. We are talking about Reverse Outreach, which is a reverse link acquisition strategy. This technique involves actively searching for potential sites that match your subject matter and may be interested in your valuable content.

Under Reverse Outreach, you don’t wait for other site owners to notice your content and voluntarily share it. Instead, you initiate contact with these sites yourself, presenting them with the value you can bring with your content. This may include sending personalized emails, commenting on their blogs or engaging in discussions on industry forums.

Reverse Outreach is a great complement to the Skyscraper technique, as it allows you to proactively establish relationships with other sites and gain links from valuable sources. This strategy allows you to reach new audiences, increase the visibility of your content, and enhance the position of your website.

Of course, the success of Reverse Outreach depends on effective communication and delivering value to the sites you contact. Try to personalize messages and emphasize why your content is valuable and how it can contribute to their resources.
Building long-term relationships
is the key here, as you can achieve not only individual links, but also opportunities to collaborate and promote each other.

In summary, the Skyscraper technique in
link building
still has the potential to generate valuable backlinks and strengthen its position in search results. However, in order to be successful, it is necessary to focus on quality content, build valuable relationships, monitor performance and consider other important SEO factors.

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