By Zieliński Jerzy

Category page – optimization in an online store 

The category page is needed because it organizes the structure of the online store. By grouping products into the right categories, you shorten the path a customer has to take to get to the exact product they are looking for. That’s a strong enough argument for taking care of category pages. This article will explain to you how to do it.

Why should you care about category pages?

The category page is a site with great potential that is definitely worth taking advantage of.

The most important reasons for optimizing a category page are those that will overall determine the success of an online store. Since you’ve invested in creating an online store you’ll surely care about each of the following:

  • Good positions in Google results – a valuable category page has a chance to achieve high search engine results. To make this happen, it is a good idea to use the category page as an additional place for content, which will include appropriately selected keywords and direct links to the most popular products.
  • High rankings most often translate into high website traffic, and you can turn it into the conversions you want. Only when customers start to realistically come to your website can you start counting on profits from it. Of course, traffic alone does not necessarily mean sales, but it definitely gives you a base to fine-tune your store and your offer so that it actually convinces people to buy and generates profits.
  • Once a customer hits the category page, it’s a straightforward path from there to realize a conversion. Do what it takes to simplify this path. Saturate the sub-page with relevant content and the ability to quickly reach specific products, from which it is just one click away from filling your shopping cart. Take care of everything that is important for customers visiting the store – easy navigation, comprehensive content, clear messages about the steps to take to finalize the purchase. All this works in your favor.

Elements and characteristics of a good category page

Here’s a list of items you should implement to make product subpages sell in your store.A side effect of these implementations, a very welcome one – will be higher rankings in Google. So get to it!

  1. Give users the ability to sort the content of a category page – by. prices, bestsellers or most popular products. The sorting function is best placed in the upper right corner above the list or grid of products.

example of filter location and sorting

  1. Refine the names of product subcategories – make them understandable and clear.
  1. Let the category page have an appropriate design – a category grid view (when images are the main decision factor) or a list view (when product attributes take priority).
  1. Show the exact number of products available on each page.
  1. The page description should be about 400 words and be at the top (visually 90% hidden thanks to “Read more”) or at the bottom for SEO purposes.

Category page optimization – is it worth it?

Definitely yes! Category page can significantly benefit
effective SEO
but most of all conversion in your online store.Maybe you need support in optimizing your marketing efforts? I would be happy to help! Feel free to contact me.

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