By Zieliński Jerzy

Broad positioning: why is it worth it?

Nowadays, when the Internet dominates advertising, positioning is a very important part of marketing. Search engines have become a key channel for reaching potential customers. Various strategies can be used here, including broad positioning. Why invest in this strategy and what benefits does it bring? Here is a detailed guide.

What is broad positioning?

Broad positioning is a strategy for optimizing a website to achieve search engine visibility for a very wide range of keywords. Here the focus is not on achieving TOP3 positions for a few phrases, but on the overall increase in visibility and traffic to the site.

What are the advantages of wide positioning?

This approach to SEO has many advantages. These primarily include:

  • Increase reach: by choosing wide positioning, you open your site to a wider range of queries, which can attract more potential customers. Even if someone uses slightly different words than you expected, your page has a chance to be displayed.
  • Discovering new key phrases: broad positioning allows you to discover keywords you haven’t paid attention to before. This way, you don’t lose the potential of less popular searches.
  • Long tail (long tail): very often works well for positioning on longer, more specific
    This allows you to target more specific users who know what they are looking for. You have a greater chance of conversion by positioning for the keyword black men’s leather jacket, rather than simply jacket.
  • Brand recognition: a longer list of keywords can help build brand awareness. Even if users don’t click right away, the frequent appearance of your site in search results increases the chances that they will remember your brand.
  • Dynamic adaptation: positioning broadly allows you to adapt to changing trends and user preferences. You can respond to new challenges and optimize your site for different queries.
  • Conversions and quality metrics: while the traffic generated by SEO wide may not necessarily translate into immediate conversions, it can reduce rejection rates and increase time spent on the site, which has a positive impact on how search engine algorithms evaluate the quality of the site.
  • Long-term growth: with the flexibility of broad positioning, you can build a solid foundation for long-term growth. Focusing not only on popular key phrases, but also on the less obvious ones, can benefit you in the future.

Broad positioning increases the chances of reaching diverse user groups. Want to find out if such a strategy will work for your company as well? Contact me and schedule an SEO consultation: I will help you earn more.

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