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Brand persona: what is it?

How to sell despite high competition? Nowadays, there are so many companies on the market that in order to stand out, you need to have a unique, distinct identity. Just how to build it? Such marketing tools as brand persona are useful here. See how it can contribute to the success of your brand and build the image of a strong, unique brand.

Brand persona: what is it?

Brand persona is a concept that involves giving a brand specific qualities that characterize and distinguish it from others. Brand persona is a kind of personification of the brand, which allows you to create a fictional character that represents its values, characteristics and communication style. With brand personas, the brand becomes more human and friendly to customers, making it easier to build emotional ties and loyalty.

Benefits of brand persona

The use of brand persona brings many benefits to the brand. Here are some of them:

  • Distinction in the market: Brand persona enables brands to stand out and create a unique image, which is extremely important in a competitive market environment.
  • Building an emotional bond: with a brand persona, a brand can build an emotional bond with its audience, which translates into greater customer engagement and loyalty, therefore
    relationships with customers
    become stronger.
  • Consistency and consistency: brand persona helps maintain consistency and coherence in brand communication, making it more credible and recognizable.
  • Precise targeting: brand persona enables a better understanding of the target audience and precise targeting of communications, tailoring content to the needs and preferences of the audience.
  • Building an authentic image: through brand personas, a brand can create an authentic image that is consistent with its values and mission.

How to create a brand persona?

The process of creating a brand persona requires careful thought and analysis. Here are some steps to take:

  • Define your target audience: understanding your target audience is key to creating an effective brand persona. Learn about its demographics, interests, needs and behaviors.
  • Define brand values: define the brand values and mission. What are its fundamental beliefs and what does it want to achieve in the market?
  • Create a character: based on the information you gather, create a fictional character to represent your brand. Give it a name, age, interests and a way to communicate.
  • Consistency of communication: use brand persona as a guide for brand communication. Adjust the tone and style of communication to be consistent with the personality of the brand persona.
  • Monitor and adjust: regularly monitor the effectiveness of brand persona and adjust as needed. Be flexible and open to brand evolution.

Brand persona – an example for coffee shops

Name: Anna

Age: 30


Anna is a dynamic and active person who values quality, authenticity and is always looking for inspiration. She is artistically gifted and is passionate about culture, art and travel. Anna is creative and enjoys exploring new flavors and experiences.

Communication style:

Anna communicates in a friendly, informal and enthusiastic manner. He uses loose language, with a touch of humor, and conveys information in an accessible way. Her communication is always authentic and full of energy.


High quality: Anna values high quality products and services. That’s why her cafe serves only freshly roasted coffee from the finest beans.

Inspiration: Anna wants her cafe to be a place where customers can be inspired by the atmosphere, music and art. It creates a space where you can relax and focus on creative ideas.

Local community: Anna actively supports local initiatives and works with local artists, suppliers and charitable organizations. He wants to create a bond with the local community and be part of its development.


The main goal of Anna and her café is to provide not only excellent coffee, but also a unique experience. She wants customers to feel welcomed and inspired, and she wants her café to be a place you want to return to.

Using Anna’s brand persona allows the café to build an emotional bond with customers, stand out in the market and create an authentic brand identity.

Brand persona is a powerful tool that helps brands build a consistent and distinct identity. With brand personas, the brand becomes more authentic and human, which contributes to building an emotional connection with the audience. Creating a brand persona requires a careful understanding of the target audience and brand values. Remember that a brand persona is not a static creation, but a process of constant evolution and adaptation to changing market needs.

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