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Bing Ads (Microsoft Ads) 

Bing Ads offers the opportunity to reach new customers, increase brand visibility and generate valuable traffic to your website. Why should you pay attention to this platform? Well, Bing, as the second largest search engine in the world, has a large reach, and Microsoft Ads provides excellent targeting and campaign optimization tools.

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What is Bing Ads (Microsoft Ads)?

Bing Ads, now known as Microsoft Ads, is an advertising platform offered by Microsoft. It is one of the most popular tools for online advertising campaigns, allowing you to promote your products and services in the search results of Bing (microsoft’s search engine) and on Microsoft’s ad network, which includes partners such as AOL, Yahoo and others.

Bing Ads operates on a similar principle to Google Ads, allowing advertisers to create various types of ad campaigns, including search ads, display ads, in-app ads and video ads. The platform enables precise targeting of ads to selected audiences, allowing advertisers to reach their target customer base.

Advantages of using Bing Ads

Using Bing Ads (now known as Microsoft Ads) can bring many benefits and advantages to advertisers. Here are some of the main advantages of this advertising tool:

  • Less competition: Compared to Google Ads, Bing Ads has less competition, which means the cost per clicks (CPC) can be lower. This offers the chance to achieve better results at a lower price, especially in some industries.
  • Access to new audiences: Bing Ads can help you reach audiences that don’t necessarily use Google as their primary search engine. For some companies, especially in certain industries, Bing Ads can be an important source of new customers.
  • Precise targeting: the Bing Ads platform offers advanced tools to precisely target ads based on demographics, location, user behavior and other factors. This enables you to effectively reach your target customer group.
  • Advertising on the Microsoft network: In addition to search results on Bing, Bing Ads can be displayed on Bing’s partner platforms, such as Yahoo and AOL. This increases the reach of ads and the possibility of reaching more potential customers.
  • Advertising in the Microsoft Store app: For companies that have apps in the Microsoft Store, Bing Ads offers the option to advertise directly in the store, which helps promote apps and attract new users.
  • Technical support: Bing Ads offers technical support for advertisers, which can be especially helpful for companies just getting started with online ads.

Comparison of Bing Ads and Google Ads.

Here is a comparison of the two platforms:

Size and reach of users

Google is the world’s most popular search engine and has the largest share of the search engine market. This gives Google Ads the potential to reach more users around the world. On the other hand, Bing Ads, although it has a smaller reach than Google, still holds a significant share of the search engine market, especially in some countries such as the United States.

Advertising costs – clicks

Advertising costs on the two platforms may differ. In some industries and keyword categories, ads on Bing Ads can be cheaper than on Google Ads. This is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized companies with limited budgets.


Both platforms offer advanced targeting tools that allow advertisers to reach relevant target groups. Google Ads, however, has slightly more advanced targeting options, such as remarketing, similar audiences, targeting based on user behavior, etc.


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Popularity and competition

Due to its popularity, Google Ads is more competitive than Bing Ads. Advertisers often compete for attractive keywords, which can drive up the cost of clicks. On the other hand, less competition on Bing Ads can mean lower costs and easier access to your target audience.

Results and conversions

The results of advertising on the two platforms may vary depending on the industry, goals and advertising strategy. Sometimes ads on Bing Ads can yield better conversion results, especially if a company focuses on a local market or offers products and services that are more popular with Bing users.


Bing Ads (Microsoft Ads) for many companies can be a favorable alternative to other advertising platforms. If you’re looking for a way to increase brand visibility and get better results from your ad campaigns, Bing Ads is worth a try.

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