By Zieliński Jerzy

Algorithm changes in 2022

I have already written about the historical changes in Google’s algorithms over the course of the search engine’s operation in Poland
in this article
. Today it’s time for more fresh changes, as those that occurred last year. Algorithm changes in 2022 were not groundbreaking, although their hype announcements caused quite a stir in the industry. Read what Google’s 2022 algorithm change was all about.

Google Algorithm Update 2022 – Core Update

Changes in Google’s algorithms even occur daily. However, those that take place in the main algorithm and are expected to introduce significant innovations are announced by Google – this happens several times a year.

And so, twice in 2022, because in May and October, Google in its social media channels communicated significant changes. The first concerned an update to the core algorithm, Core Update, while the second involved the anti-spam policy, Spam Update.

Google hints at what to expect as it reacts to algorithm changes:

  1. The Core Algorithm Update is designed to improve the search engine in general, so the Core Update does not address any specific issue.
  2. The main algorithm is updated every few months.
  3. The possible decline of sites, does not mean punishing those that have lost their position.
  4. After the algorithm changes, one can expect both drops in position and promotions to higher places.
  5. The way to avoid hesitation is to take special care to fill the site with valuable, unique and useful content.
  6. If the site went down after the algorithm update, it is necessary to apply corrections and work on it. However, there is no assurance that even after these measures the site will regain its former positions.

Summary – algorithm changes in 2022

I am convinced that there is only one prescription for Google’s algorithms and for their numerous updates – responsible SEO, based on practices indicated by Google as good, or even desirable. Acting safely, investing in a website will not only gain you stable positions in search results. You will also benefit from the peace of mind and stability that will allow you to invest your time and strength in further developing your business.

I will be happy to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself. I invite you to contact and consult. I do effective SEO, safe for my clients’ businesses.

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