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Advertising a company on the Internet – 4 activities for local companies

Advertising or promotion is needed by every company. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out with your business, or perhaps you have already held a stable market position in your industry for many years, you should make sure that customers have constant and easy access to your offerings. For this you need to advertise the company on the Internet. I specialize in Internet marketing activities and it is on the web that I see the space for effective promotion of companies from virtually all industries. Read the article and you will learn why and how to promote a locally operating company.

How to advertise a new company? How about one with a long tenure?

Even if the business is not based on online sales or services provided online, it is definitely worthwhile to take care of advertising the company on the Internet. Today, everything is just searched for on the Web, especially on Google. In addition to the products we want to buy online with home delivery, the search engine primarily looks for solutions to current problems and needs: the nearest active mechanic, the best-rated restaurant in the area or a dentist accepting at non-standard hours. Therefore, even the smallest business should take care of its presence on the Web.

Advertising on Google, but not only! 4 areas of activity

Learn about 4 areas of activity worth investing time and money in.

  1. Website

This is an absolute must. You need it to have your own place to showcase your business. It is through your website that you will introduce your business, define your mission, and make yourself known to customers. When creating a website for a local company, it is worth remembering the universal principles of a well-made website, which will be user – customer friendly and at the same time can be well positioned in Google search.

What elements of a company website are of particular importance to potential customers? Take care, first of all:

  • Website loading time – if a website loads too slowly, even the most patient user will leave and is unlikely to return. Use the opportunity to present your offer well. You can check the loading speed of your website using tools available on the web.
  • Aesthetics and communication consistency – choose a legible font, friendly colors that are well perceived through the screen, let your brand be associated with some color and logo.
  • Intuitive menus so customers can navigate the site seamlessly.
  • Contact information and a form, maybe a livechat – properly displayed and easily accessible contact information is very important, because through it customers make the first contact with your company, ask questions.
  • Adapting to mobile devices – is necessary because currently most users use mobile search, especially when looking for services or products while away from home.
  1. Google advertising

The statement that if a company is not on Google then it is not there at all is as true as it can be. The tremendous potential of the search engine simply has to be exploited, especially for new businesses, or those operating in the local market. The search engine is the place where it’s easiest to break through directly to customers who are currently looking for products and services, perhaps right in your location. How do you make a name for yourself on Google search?

Google Ads campaigns – you will only pay when a potential customer clicks on a link leading to your website. And you have visibility in this form of advertising virtually as soon as you launch the campaign. Depending on what kind of business you run and what form of campaign you choose, you have plenty of promotional opportunities. Your ad works when you have a budget for clicks in Google. However, keep in mind that ads will always appear with the “Advertisement” designation.

Positioning – a form of promotion that is very well received by customers. The idea is to make the site appear as high as possible in Google’s search results, in what is known as the “top spot”. organic results. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to take measures regarding the creation of the best possible website, which will be of value to customers, and thus also well rated by search engine robots, which index the site in certain positions. The second area of activity is to build the site’s position with off-site work, i.e. building a valuable link profile. You can learn more about SEO from my
positioning guide
. This form of promotion requires an investment of time and money, but is very cost-effective.

Google My Business Card – is the only fully free option for promotion on Google. What’s more, it is constantly evolving and providing new advertising opportunities. All you have to do is set up a business card, fill it with company data, preferably also photos, encourage customers to leave reviews of your services or products. Such a business card is an effective way of showing yourself to customers in a very attractive way – with a route map, contact phone, with opening hours.

source: Google results, Google My Business card example

  1. Advertising on social networks

This is the best and fastest way to make a presence on the Web and connect with the community. It is most useful in the context of service activities, although skillfully used it works well in completely non-obvious industries. This is an absolute necessity for fresh businesses – on Facebook, Twitter or TikTok you can successfully promote your products, boast about the services you have completed, establish a relationship with your customers and thus attract new ones, including from referrals.

  1. Expert content on blog and industry forums

If you care about a stable position in the industry and the image of an expert, it will definitely pay to invest in a substantive background, which you can build in the form of a blog on the company website or on industry forums. And preferably both.

Advertising your business on the Internet – do it right

Advertising a company on the Internet can be a simple matter, but it requires a lot of commitment and skillful action. However, it is certainly an issue that cannot be neglected! Such a powerful channel for attracting new customers is worthy of attention and investment. If, despite my suggestions, you are apprehensive about doing Google advertising on your own, please take advantage of my support. Feel free to contact me.

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