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SEO England: key aspects of SEO in the UK market 

Website positioning in the UK is a process that requires an understanding of the specifics of this market. It’s not just a matter of translating content into English, but also of adapting SEO strategies to British realities. As a basis for this process, it is worth considering several key aspects, which you will learn in this post.

Google’s popularity in the UK

Google ‘s high popularity among Brits is a key motivator for building an SEO strategy. Data from Similarweb shows that as many as 91.76% of people in the UK use this search engine. Successful SEO starts with the right actions, such as carefully selecting key phrases, optimizing the website, building internal linking and acquiring valuable external links.

It is also worth mentioning other search engines, such as Bing, which has a market share of 5.85%. For some industries, such as technology, finance or health, it is also worth considering positioning in Bing if only because of the developing artificial intelligence solutions.

The role of the domain in SEO England

The first step to successful SEO in England is to purchase a suitable domain name. In the case of the UK, it is advisable to choose a two-letter country code top-level domain, or ccTLD. Domains such as or .co are valued by the British and positively influence their confidence in the site. Your site address therefore has a real impact on the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

Keywords and linking

Successful SEO in England requires a personalized strategy, starting with a competitive analysis. Working with an SEO agency from Poland that has experience in SEO in English can be crucial. It is worth focusing on precise keyword analysis and effective link building. Both external and internal links are important.

Local positioning

For companies operating locally, local positioning is an important element. A company’s profile on Google, which depends on user activity, can significantly affect a company’s visibility. For businesses offering services in a limited area, such as hairdressers and coffee shops, this is especially important. Therefore, investing in local SEO in the UK is a strategy that can yield significant results.

E-commerce market in England

The UK is one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world. Therefore, for online stores, it is crucial to adapt the website design to the requirements of the UK market. Sites should be responsive and easy to use, especially on mobile devices, given the popularity of online shopping and m-commerce.


In the UK, there are several key elements that determine the success of positioning. Competitor analysis and a personalized SEO strategy are key, especially when working with an SEO agency with experience in English positioning. Successful SEO in England is an ongoing process that requires taking into account the peculiarities of the British market and regular SEO activities, and – let’s not hide it – a large financial investment, definitely higher than in SEO in our home market. Working with a professional SEO agency can be crucial to achieving long-term online success in the UK.

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