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Remarketing on Facebook

Have you ever browsed an online store’s website and then seen ads for the same products on Facebook? This is the effect of Facebook remarketing, an advertising strategy that can transform your Internet browsing into a personalized shopping experience. In today’s post, learn why Facebook remarketing has become a key tool in online marketing and how you can use it to achieve impressive results.

What is remarketing on Facebook?

Facebook remarketing is an advertising strategy that allows you to reach Facebook users who have previously interacted with your business on your website or elsewhere online by delivering personalized ads to them.

Types of remarketing on Facebook

Remarketing on Facebook can be divided into two main types: static remarketing and dynamic remarketing.

  • Static remarketing: This is a type of remarketing in which the ads are fixed and do not change depending on the user’s activity on the website. It is used to reach a general segment of users who have visited a website or performed specific actions, such as browsing products. Ads in static remarketing are the same for all users.
  • Dynamic Remarketing: Dynamic remarketing is a more advanced form of remarketing in which ads are generated dynamically based on a user’s behavior on a website. It uses information such as products viewed or products added to the shopping cart to create personalized ads. This allows users to see ads for products they are interested in, which can greatly increase the effectiveness of a campaign.

With dynamic remarketing, ads are automatically created based on available data, allowing for more personalized and effective advertising campaigns. This is especially useful in e-commerce, where you can promote specific products that users have viewed on the site.

How to set up remarketing on Facebook?

To set up remarketing on Facebook, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Facebook advertising account

If you don’t already have a Facebook Ads account, log into Facebook Ads Manager and create an account.

  1. Install the Facebook pixel

Pixel is a tracking tool that allows you to monitor user activity on your website. Go to “Tools Settings” and then select “Site Events” and follow the instructions to create a pixel and install it on your website. You can do it manually or using available plug-ins and tools.

The first steps of installing Pixel – coming soon in more detail on the blog.
  1. Create remarketing lists

Now that the pixel is installed, you can create remarketing lists based on users’ actions on the site. Select “Recipients” in the advertising tool and click “Create custom list.” You can create lists based on various behaviors, such as visiting a specific page, viewing a product, adding a product to a shopping cart, making a purchase, and more.

Creating an audience for Facebook remarketing.
  1. Create a remarketing campaign

Now you can create a remarketing campaign. Select “Create Campaign” and choose a campaign goal that can be related to remarketing, such as “Site Traffic” or “Conversions.” When setting up your campaign, select target groups based on your remarketing lists.

  1. Create remarketing ads

Create ads that are tailored to user behavior on your website. You can use dynamic ads to automatically generate ads based on the products or content you view. The content and headlines of the ads should also be tailored to the remarketing target audience.

  1. Launch the campaign

Once you have finished setting up your campaign, review the settings and make sure everything is ready. Then launch the campaign.

  1. Monitor performance and optimize

Track the results of your remarketing campaign in Facebook’s advertising tool. Monitor metrics such as
(Click-Through Rate), cost per conversion and return on investment. Based on this data, adjust your campaign to achieve the best results.

This is a general guide to setting up remarketing on Facebook. The process can be more detailed depending on your advertising goals and needs. Also, remember to comply with data privacy regulations and inform users about the use of Pixel to track their activity on the website.

Why invest in Facebook remarketing?

Investing in Facebook remarketing has many advantages and can be a strategic step in your company’s marketing strategy. Here are some reasons why you should do so:

  • Effectiveness: Remarketing allows you to reach users who have already interacted with your brand or website. These are people who have shown some interest, which makes the ads more effective.
  • Personalization: you can create personalized ads tailored to users’ behavior on your site. This increases the chances of converting users into customers.
  • Recovering potential customers: Remarketing allows you to get back users who have left the site without performing a desired action, such as shopping or filling out a form. You can again encourage them to take action.
  • Increase conversions: By reaching users who have already shown interest, remarketing can significantly increase conversions and turnover.
  • Building loyalty: Remarketing allows you to build long-term relationships with your customers because you can provide them with valuable content and offers.
  • Optimize advertising costs: Because remarketing targets more advanced users, it can have a lower customer acquisition cost than ads for new users.
  • Measuring results: Facebook offers tools to accurately track and analyze the results of remarketing campaigns, allowing them to be optimized and customized.
  • Continuing conversions: Remarketing allows you to continue the conversion process, such as encouraging users to make a purchase when they have left products in their shopping cart.

In short, Facebook remarketing is an effective strategy to maximize marketing results by reaching the right group of users, delivering personalized content and increasing conversions.


Remarketing on Facebook is not only a way to remind users about your brand, but also to increase conversions, build customer loyalty and optimize advertising costs. With personalized ads and effective outreach to existing customers and potential buyers, Facebook remarketing is a strategy that cannot be ignored in today’s online marketing world.

Are you already exploiting the potential of this effective advertising technique? I will help you use its power for the profits of your business. Feel free to contact me!

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