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Personal branding – building the authority of an expert in the industry

In today’s dynamic world, where competition is increasing, building an expert’s authority in a particular industry is becoming a key element of professional success. Personal branding and personal branding, or the creation of one’s unique personal image, has become an integral part of the activities of professionals striving to achieve exceptional status. Putting yourself in the role of an expert authority not only allows you to gain the trust of customers and colleagues, but also opens the door to new professional opportunities. Learn why building an expert’s authority in the industry is so important and what steps can be taken to achieve this goal.

Personal branding definition

Personal branding is a strategy in which an individual deliberately builds and shapes his or her unique qualities, competencies and image to distinguish himself or herself as an expert, thought leader or professional in a particular field. The goal of personal branding is to build a positive reputation, attract the attention of customers, employers and other stakeholders, and achieve professional success by presenting oneself consistently and authentically in social media, online and offline content and professional relationships.

Personal branding what is it? – Practice

Personal branding, as a practice, involves consciously shaping and promoting one’s individual image and identity in order to build a positive reputation and achieve one’s professional goals. This includes creating a consistent image on social media, publishing valuable content, participating in industry events, and building relationships with customers, employers, and others associated with the field. The practice of personal branding requires authenticity, consistency and a constant drive to improve one’s skills and highlight one’s unique qualities in order to stand out from the competition and achieve professional success.

LinkedIn personal branding

LinkedIn, called “the place for professionals” because it enables personal branding in a professional context. It is an ideal place for people who want to focus on developing their careers, establishing professional relationships and showcasing their skills and achievements.

example of personal branding on LinkedIn

As part of personal branding on LinkedIn, valuable elements to invest your time in are:

Professional profile: your LinkedIn profile is a kind of online business card, so it’s important that it’s complete, up-to-date and includes information about your professional path, competencies and achievements.

Substantive content: publishing valuable content related to your field of expertise builds your knowledge and authority in a particular industry. You can share articles, comments, opinions on topics related to your business area.

Activity and interaction: Regularly participating in discussions, commenting on others’ posts and networking allows you to build relationships, increase the visibility of your profile and maintain active engagement.

Recommendations and referrals: Collecting recommendations from people who have worked with you or know your work helps build trust and a positive image. Also, giving recommendations to others can help strengthen your position as an expert.

Useful skill: Choose skills that are truly related to your business and that prove your competence.

Events and groups: Participating in industry groups and events on LinkedIn allows you to interact with people with similar interests and grow by learning new information.

Wings of personal history: Telling your professional story, sharing your difficulties and achievements creates a bond with others and shows that you are a real person behind your professional image.

It’s worth remembering that LinkedIn is a platform that combines professionalism with a human dimension, so you should build your personal branding to showcase your skills, experience and passion in an authentic way. This is the place where your image can contribute to new career opportunities and valuable professional contacts.

Personal branding examples

Here are two names you’re sure to know – just through personal branding strategies:

Elon Musk: One of the world’s most recognizable and controversial entrepreneurs. His personal branding is based on his vision of a revolution in transportation and energy, which effectively attracts media and investor attention.

Oprah Winfrey: Media icon and social activist. Her personal branding is based on empathy, support and inspiration. She has built her brand as a person who connects and helps others.

example of personal branding on Instagram

When is it worth investing in personal branding?

It is worth investing in personal branding at various points in your professional and personal life. Here are a few situations in which such an investment can be beneficial:

At the beginning of his career

Building a personal brand early in your career can help you get the attention of potential employers, clients or business partners. This is especially important in areas where competition is high.

When changing the industry

If you are planning to change industries or career paths, strong personal branding can help you gain confidence and credibility in your new field.

At own ventures

If you’re running your own business, personal branding can help you build a reputation and trust with your customers. By creating a consistent image, it is easier to convince potential customers to use your services.

At the time of the rebranding

If you already have an existing personal brand, but want to refresh it, to adapt it to changing goals or target audience, an investment in rebranding can be valuable.

While building authority

If you aspire to be an authority in your field, personal branding can help build your image as an expert and opinion leader.

When looking for new opportunities

If you plan to look for new career opportunities, a well-built personal brand can attract the attention of employers or clients.

In order to increase social impact

If you have beliefs, values or social goals that you want to promote, personal branding can help you reach a larger group of people and promote your mission.

While developing a career as a freelancer or consultant

In the creative, consulting or freelancing industries, a strong personal brand can help attract clients and build a stable customer base.


Building the authority of an industry expert through personal branding is a process. It’s an investment in personal development with long-lasting results. When you become a recognized expert in your field, you gain trust, respect and the ability to influence the development of your industry. Remember, authenticity, quality content and a constant drive for improvement are key values that attract attention and build lasting authority. Begin this fascinating process, driven by passion, and achieving expert authority status will become an integral part of your career path.

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