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Marketing manager: when to hire?

A marketing manager is a key figure in any company, responsible for creating and implementing a marketing strategy. However, in today’s dynamic business environment, fulfilling this role can be a challenge. Is it always worth relying on an in-house marketing team, or is it sometimes better to outsource certain tasks to external experts? In this article, I will discuss situations in which you should consider outsourcing your marketing and the benefits it can bring.

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The role of the marketing manager

The marketing manager is responsible for planning, coordinating and supervising the company’s marketing activities. He is the one who develops the marketing strategy, determines the goals, budget and tools that will be used to achieve success. However, with the development of technology and changes in the market, marketing is becoming an increasingly complex area of activity.

When to consider outsourcing marketing?

  • Lack of expertise: In today’s online marketing world, understanding tools such as SEO, Facebook ads and Google Ads is crucial. If your marketing team does not have the necessary skills and knowledge, it is worth outsourcing these tasks to specialists.
  • High cost of hiring: An in-house marketing team can be expensive – both in terms of salaries and training or tool purchases. Therefore, a digital marketing manager from the outside may prove to be more cost-effective.
  • Seasonality: If your company has periods of seasonality, an outside agency can flexibly accommodate changing needs without having to hire additional permanent staff.
  • Specialized projects: some projects, such as a comprehensive advertising campaign or implementation of a
    content marketing strategy
    , may require specialized knowledge and skills that your team does not have. Outsourcing these projects can yield better results.
  • The need for new insights: An outside marketing team can bring new insights to your company and industry, which can help create fresh, innovative marketing strategies.

Benefits of outsourcing marketing

Outsourcing marketing has many benefits:

  • Expertise: Outside specialists usually have access to the latest marketing trends and tools.
  • Time savings: The in-house marketing manager can focus on strategic management rather than day-to-day operational activities.
  • Flexibility: Outsourcing allows you to tailor the scope of activities to your company’s current needs.
  • Costs: This may be cheaper than maintaining an in-house team of specialists.


The decision to outsource marketing depends on a company’s individual needs, budget and goals. The marketing manager should assess whether the in-house team has the right knowledge and skills, or whether it is better to use the expertise of a marketing agency. Working with outside experts can help a company achieve better marketing results and compete effectively in the market.

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