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How to organize promotions in an online store?

Promotions are not only a tool to increase sales, but also an effective way to attract customer attention, build loyalty and increase brand awareness. However, proper planning and execution of the promotion is necessary for success. In this article, you will learn how to organize promotions in an online store to achieve maximum benefits and customer satisfaction.

The purpose of promotions – why do them?

Online store promotions play an important role in the marketing strategy and are a source of many benefits – for both stores and customers. If you are still wondering whether it pays to offer promotions to your customers – here are some reasons that should help you make a final decision:

Increase sales

Promotions attract customers’ attention and encourage them to buy. Reduced prices, discounts, free shipping or special offers can provide additional incentive to make a purchase. This translates into increased sales and the generation of more revenue.

Acquisition of new customers

Promotions can attract new customers who are interested in taking advantage of the opportunity. People who were previously unfamiliar with your store may decide to buy just because of the attractive promotional offer. This can lead to an expansion of your customer base and increased brand awareness.

Customer loyalty

Promotions can also be a tool to reward loyal customers. Offering special promotions, discounts or bonuses to returning customers can increase their engagement and loyalty to your store. This builds long-term relationships, and satisfied customers often recommend the store to others, further increasing sales.

Inclination to buy more

Promotions often encourage customers to make larger purchases. For example, offering a discount on purchases above a certain amount may prompt customers to add additional products to their shopping carts to take advantage of the promotion. This increases the value of the shopping cart and brings more profit to the store.

Brand positioning

Promotions can also serve as a tool to build a positive brand image. Offering favorable prices or other attractive terms of purchase can influence the perception of the brand as a supplier of valuable and competitive products. This builds customer confidence and supports a positive brand reputation.

Removal of stock – weathering the warehouse

Promotions are also an effective tool for getting rid of excess inventory or products that are not selling as well as expected. Price reductions or special offers can speed up the process of selling these products, freeing up space for new products and minimizing financial losses.

What Poles think about promotions – customer behavior to take advantage of

Poles have a positive attitude toward promotions and are eager to use them. According to the survey, up to 98% of respondents say they are eager to take advantage of promotional offers. The majority of people (42%) admit that they use promotions virtually every time they shop, and 32% very often. The remaining 26% of people use the promotion less frequently or occasionally.

The research also shows that we have specific preferences for types of promotions. The most popular type of promotion is one-time discounts, used by as many as 77% of respondents. Another popular solution is loyalty cards or apps, which allow users to collect points or receive discounts on products and are used by 64% of respondents. Seasonal sales attract 50% of people, while 27% of Poles use coupons and discount codes from newspapers. Shopping clubs and groups interest only 12% of respondents, and 3% of respondents do not use any such solutions.

The results come from ARC Market and Opinion research[1] conducted on behalf of fintech Mokka, which specializes in deferred and installment payments. The survey was conducted using the CAWI method, on a representative sample of N=600 Poles, in May 2023.


Based on this data, it can be concluded that offering one-time discounts, loyalty programs, seasonal sales and coupons and discount codes is an effective way to attract Polish customers and encourage them to buy. Use this for your purposes, but remember – it’s important to tailor the type of promotion to the preferences of your target audience, and to regularly monitor and analyze the results to better align your promotional strategy with your customers’ expectations.

Types of promotions to use for your business

In an online store, you can use various types of promotions to help attract customers and increase sales. Here are some popular types of promotions that can be applied to an online store:

Percentage discounts

Offering promotions in the form of percentage discounts, such as 10% or 20% off selected products or the entire order, can effectively encourage customers to buy. This kind of promotion is easy to understand and attracts customer attention.

Discount codes

Providing unique discount codes that customers can enter when placing an order gives them the opportunity to take advantage of a specific discount. Discount codes can be distributed through newsletters, social media or affiliate programs.

Free shipping

Offering free shipping for orders above a certain value is an effective incentive to increase the value of the shopping cart and encourage customers to add additional products. Customers often prefer free shipping, so such a promotion can attract attention.

Gifts or samples

Adding free gifts or samples to an order is an effective way to increase the value of purchases and encourage customers to return. These can be, for example, miniature products, cosmetic samples or additional accessories.

Flash sale

Organizing a time-limited flash sale, during which selected products are available at discounted prices, can create a sense of urgency and drive customers to buy immediately. Such promotions are attractive to customers looking for bargains.

Loyalty programs

Creating a loyalty program, where customers receive points for purchases that they can exchange for discounts or additional benefits, helps build loyalty and encourage customers to return to the store. Loyalty programs create a bond and reward regular customers.

Contests and raffles

Holding contests where customers can win prizes, such as products or vouchers, engages them emotionally and increases engagement with the store. Contests may be held on the store’s website or on social media.

Seasonal promotions

Using holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Black Friday as opportunities to make special promotions and discounts available attracts the attention of customers who are looking for shopping bargains.

Cross-selling and up-selling

Using cross-selling and up-selling strategies, i.e. suggesting related products to customers or offering a higher-quality version with additional benefits, helps increase order value and sales of additional products.

Command programs

Rewarding customers for recommending a store to their friends through referral programs, such as offering discounts to both parties, can help win new customers and build a larger customer base.

How to promote promotions in an online store?

Promoting promotions in an online store is key to reaching as many customers as possible and effectively attracting their attention. Here are some effective ways to promote your promotion:

E-mail marketing

Send information about promotions to your customer base with personalized emails. Highlight the benefits the promotion offers and encourage customers to visit the online store. You can also offer an additional discount for newsletter subscribers.

Social media

Use your profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote your promotions. Publish eye-catching graphics, product images and short messages that encourage users to click through and visit your online store.

Banners on the website

Place banners or prominent links to the promotion section on the homepage and other relevant pages of your site. Make sure they are visible and attract the attention of visitors.

PPC (paid search engine advertising)

Run a paid search engine ad campaign, such as Google Ads, to promote your promotions. Configure the right keywords and create attractive advertising texts that will attract users’ attention and direct them to the promotion page.

Content marketing

Create valuable content about the products being promoted, such as guides, tutorials or reviews. Share them on your website, blog, as well as other platforms to attract customers’ attention and encourage them to take advantage of the promotion.


Take advantage of retargeting, which is reaching out again to visitors to your website who did not make a purchase. Display them ads or reminder messages about promotions that may interest them and make them return to your store.

Affiliate programs

Enter programs
, in which affiliates or influencers can promote your promotions on their sites or social media channels. Reward them for every successful purchase generated through them.


If you have newsletter subscribers, send them dedicated messages with information about promotions, special discount codes and limited offers. Take advantage of the unavailability effect to get customers to act immediately.

Push notifications

Use push notifications on your website to inform visitors about current promotions. This is an effective way to reach customers, even when they are not active on your site.


Organizing promotions in an online store is an important step in building a strong online presence and increasing sales. In this article, I have outlined some key elements to consider when organizing a promotion. Remember to understand your target audience, tailor your promotions to their preferences and needs, plan the duration and communication of your promotions accordingly, and monitor the results and adjust your strategy based on the data you collect.

Providing attractive offers, simple online store navigation and excellent customer service are key factors that will contribute to the success of your promotions.

I will be happy to support you in your store’s sales enhancement activities. I have experience, tools and professionals on my team – contact me and find out what results we can achieve together.

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