By Zieliński Jerzy

How to increase sales in an online store? 5 Unobvious Ways

Selling through an online store is a challenge, but it’s also a constant game of adapting to change and finding new ways to attract customers. Here are five non-obvious ways that can help you increase sales in your online store.

Friendly and innovative packaging

The packaging you put your products in can grab customers’ attention and make their shopping experience even more exciting. Instead of standard cardboard boxes, consider packaging designed in a unique way. Creative boxes or cases can become a showcase for your store and encourage customers to upload photos of their purchases to social media.

Design authenticity

Customers increasingly value authenticity. Show your true face by featuring stories related to your product or brand. Talk about the people behind your store and the passion that drives them. Authenticity can help build customer trust and loyalty.

Shopping experience in virtual reality (VR)

It may sound futuristic, but VR is becoming more and more accessible. Consider using this technology to create a virtual shopping experience. Customers can try on clothes, view products from every angle or stroll through the virtual store. This can make shopping more engaging and fun.

High-level personalization

It’s not just the customer’s name in the email. Go one step further. Use advanced data analysis tools to deliver personalized product suggestions. Customers will be more likely to buy if they see products tailored to their tastes.

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in customer service

AI can help you serve your customers more efficiently than traditional call centers. Chatbots and automated responses can respond quickly to customer inquiries, resulting in a positive shopping experience.


Increasing sales in an online store requires bold steps and innovative ideas. Try these non-obvious ways and surprise your customers by capturing their attention and building a lasting relationship with them.

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