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How much does a computer graphic designer earn – is this the job for you?

The world of computer graphics is a place where creativity meets technology to create extraordinary works of digital art. However, in addition to passion, many people wonder if computer graphics is also a lucrative career path. That’s why we’re going to look at the question today: how much does a computer graphic designer earn, and is it a job that might be right for you?

What does a computer graphic designer do at a marketing agency?

A computer graphic designer at a marketing agency plays a key role in the process of creating the visual elements needed for successful marketing campaigns. His tasks and areas of work can be varied, but here are the main aspects of a computer graphic designer’s job at a marketing agency:

  • Graphic Design: A computer graphic designer creates graphics, images, illustrations, and other visual elements needed for marketing campaigns. This can include the design of advertising banners, posters, flyers, brochures, infographics, corporate logos, and graphics for social media.
  • Video content creation: Modern marketing often relies on video content. A computer graphic designer can work on designing and creating animations, promotional videos, video commercials and other video materials.
  • Editing graphics and photos: Often a computer graphic designer will retouch and edit photos to suit the specific needs of an advertising campaign. These can include changing colors, removing unwanted elements, improving photo quality, etc.
  • Web design: For online marketing agencies, a computer graphic designer can design and create
    , user interfaces (UI), navigation elements and graphics for websites.
  • Working with graphic design tools: A computer graphic designer uses a variety of graphic design tools and software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDRAW and many others. Knowledge of these tools is crucial.
  • Collaboration with the creative team: A graphic designer often collaborates with other marketing professionals, such as copywriters, marketing strategists and web designers, to create consistent and effective advertising campaigns.
  • Understanding the client and the briefing: A computer graphic designer must be able to understand the client’s needs and the content of the briefing in order to create a graphic design that effectively conveys the intended message.
  • Social media optimization: A graphic designer can customize graphics for various social media platforms, making sure they are the right size and format.
  • Monitor trends in graphic design: A computer graphic designer should keep abreast of the latest trends in graphic design to create modern and attractive marketing materials.

As a result, a computer graphic designer at a marketing agency is a key member of the team, helping to create visual elements that attract customers’ attention and effectively communicate the advertising message.

Advantages of computer graphics work

Working as a computer graphic designer can be rewarding and challenging. There are many advantages associated with this profession that attract many creative professionals. Here are some of the main advantages of working as a computer graphic designer:

Creativity: The work of a computer graphic designer is all about creating and expressing one’s creativity. It is a profession that allows you to develop your artistic talent and experiment with different styles and techniques.

Diversity of projects: Computer graphic designers work on a variety of projects, from designing websites and printed materials to creating graphics for social media, posters, video ads, etc. This provides constant challenge and variability in the work.

Self-expression: working on graphic design projects allows the graphic designer to express his thoughts, ideas and emotions in a visual way. It can be a very rewarding experience.

Influence on visual communication: Computer graphic designers play a key role in shaping the visual communications of companies and organizations. Their work has an impact on the impression they leave on customers and clients.

Skill development: Working as a computer graphic designer requires constant skill development. It is necessary to keep abreast of new technologies and trends in graphic design, which allows for continuous professional development.

Creative satisfaction: Seeing your own designs in action, such as as part of a marketing campaign or on a website, can provide great satisfaction and pride in your work.

Professional flexibility: Computer graphic designers often have the option to work remotely or as freelancers, which gives them the flexibility to manage their time and place of work.

Career prospects: As they gain experience and build their portfolios, computer graphic designers have the opportunity to advance in their careers and gain more advanced positions, such as creative director or art director.

Collaboration in teams: Graphic designers often work in teams, which allows them to exchange ideas and collaborate with other professionals, such as copywriters, web designers, or design specialists. Marketing.

Language fluency: The language of graphic design is often universal, meaning that graphic works can be understood by people from different cultures and languages, which can be very satisfying.

In conclusion, the work of a computer graphic designer offers many advantages, such as the opportunity to express creativity, a variety of projects and the development of skills, which attracts many art and design enthusiasts.

How to become a computer graphic designer

To become a computer graphic designer, it is worth investing time and money in the following:

  1. Education: Choose a degree related to graphic design or learn on your own.
  2. Tools: Master graphics programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
  3. Portfolio: Create a variety of projects and build a portfolio.
  4. Practical experience: Work on projects, gain experience.
  5. Understanding theory: Learn the principles of color theory, composition and typography.
  6. Follow trends: Stay up to date on design trends.
  7. Contacts and professional network: Build relationships with other industry professionals.
  8. Certifications (optional): Earn certifications to enhance your skills.
  9. Find jobs or clients: Apply for positions or work as a freelancer, benefiting from skill development and portfolio.

How much does a computer graphic designer earn?

Earnings of a computer graphic designer can vary and depend on several factors, such as:

Experience: Graphic designers with more seniority usually earn more. Beginning graphic designers can expect lower salaries, which increase over time as they gain experience.

Skills: Graphic designers with advanced skills, such as user interface (UI) design, animation, or 3D graphics creation, can expect higher salaries.

Location: The place of work affects earnings. In larger cities or regions with a higher cost of living, salaries for graphic designers are often higher than in smaller cities or rural areas.

Type of company: Graphic designers can work on a variety of terms, as full-time employees, freelancers or employed by advertising agencies. The form of employment affects the salary.

Specialization: Graphic designers who specialize in a particular field, such as web design, corporate identity or illustration, can earn more than general graphic designers.

Portfolio and credentials: Experience working on projects and an impressive portfolio can contribute to higher earnings, as potential employers or clients will appreciate your skills.

Trends and technologies: Graphic designers should keep up to date with the latest trends in graphic design and use the latest tools and technologies. This can affect your attractiveness as an employee or freelancer.

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In a general sense, the earnings of a computer graphic designer in Poland can range from a few thousand zlotys a month for novice graphic designers to several thousand zlotys or more for professionals with extensive experience and advanced skills. Regardless, computer graphic designers play an important role in many industries, and their salaries can increase as they gain knowledge and experience and advance in their careers.


Computer graphics can not only be a source of artistic satisfaction, but also an attractive professional field. A graphic designer’s salary depends on many factors, such as experience, skills and location. So if you value creativity and are willing to constantly develop yourself, then working in this field can be a rewarding and well-paid choice for you.

If you are looking for a job in this profession – show off your experience, send me an email with your portfolio – maybe we will work together!

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