By Zieliński Jerzy

How does Facebook’s algorithm work and how to interact with it?

In today’s social media world, Facebook remains one of the most important platforms for communication, advertising and online community building. But to succeed on Facebook, you need to understand the ins and outs of its algorithm, which determines what content is displayed on users’ boards. In this article, you will explore the mechanics of Facebook’s algorithm and how to effectively work with it to achieve better results and increase the reach of your content.

Facebook’s main algorithm factors

Facebook ‘s algorithm is a complex system that decides what content to display to users on their boards. The algorithm is constantly being modified and refined by Facebook, but there are some major factors that affect how it works.

  • Relevancy Score.
    Facebook evaluates what content is more interesting to a given user based on their activity on the platform. This means that if you frequently respond to posts from a particular site or person, content from that site or person will be displayed more often on your board.
  • Interactions
    Facebook favors content that triggers a lot of interaction, such as likes, comments, shares and clicks. The more engaged the community is with a piece of content, the greater the chance that it will be displayed on more boards.
  • Publication time
    The date and time of publication of the post matter. Facebook prefers timely and fresh content, so posts published at the right times can have a greater reach.
  • Content type
    Video and multimedia content are often promoted by Facebook’s algorithm. If you publish a variety of content types, such as video, images and text, you can achieve greater reach.
  • History of interaction
    Facebook analyzes the history of your interactions on the platform. If you frequently respond to content of a particular topic, the algorithm will be more likely to display similar content on your board.

How to work with Facebook’s algorithm

Working with Facebook’s algorithm is about providing valuable content and building an engaged community.

  • Provide valuable content: Publish content that is valuable to your target audience. Try to solve problems, provide information and tailor content to topics of interest.
  • Encourage interaction: Encourage your community to contribute to your site. Ask for likes, comments and shares. Respond to comments and engage in conversations.
  • Schedule publications: Monitor the periods when your community is most active and publish at those times. Use post scheduling tools to optimize publication time.
  • Diverse content: Publish a variety of content types, such as video, images, articles and live streaming. This can attract different audiences.
  • Analyze results: Use Facebook’s analytics tools to monitor the effectiveness of your content and adjust your strategy based on the data.
  • Facebook Ads: If you have an advertising budget, consider using paid promotion on Facebook to increase the reach of your content.


Facebook’s algorithm shapes our daily interaction with this social platform. Working with him can be a challenge, but also an opportunity to succeed in the world of social media. The performance of this algorithm depends on a number of factors, such as user interactions, publication time and content quality. The key is to provide valuable content, engage your community and monitor results. Understanding the mechanisms of the algorithm and having the flexibility to adjust your strategy will allow you to work effectively with Facebook and achieve your online marketing goals.

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