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Exchanges for copywriters – is it worth using them?

There is no SEO without content – and lots of content. From a dozen to even tens of thousands of characters of text are needed monthly. Of course, you can write on your own, but without a lot of time and a light pen, it won’t be light. The alternative is exchanges for copywriters, so today I will tell you how to use them and what you better watch out for.

How do exchanges for copywriters work?

The most well-known marketplace for copywriters in Poland is
Good Content
, which is why I will focus on it today. In the past, the Text Exchange and TextBookers were also quite popular, but now there are few active users left on them, so you have to expect that you will wait for texts for a very long time, and in the worst case – no one will complete your order.

The text exchange allows you to order content in two ways: publicly and privately. The public option is more popular, especially among principals who are just starting out on Good Content. Here you simply fill in the title of the order (usually the type and subject of the text is entered here, but it is up to you). Then you choose the type of text from a dozen available options:

exchanges for copywriters 1

Then you enter a description of the order (I recommend writing, as simply and accurately as possible, because there is no shortage of novice copywriters on the exchanges). Then you choose the number and length of texts on a particular topic and, of course, determine the budget. I will mention the costs in more detail in the next paragraph. Then you have a few more additional options to choose from:

exchanges for copywriters 2

Mixer texts refer to synonymized content, nowadays less and less used, as AI tools that generate content are replacing them. In turn, it is worth noting that the text is to be available only to copywriters with a low % of rejections – this way you will avoid the execution of the order by a contractor who writes all possible texts, but does not pay attention to their quality.

Payments on Good Content

Once you place an order, you must pay for it to be visible to copywriters. The most common use is to pay with prepaid funds, which you transfer in advance to your Good Content account. However, if you rarely need content, you can opt for Przelewy24 or traditional transfer.

Once paid, the order will become visible to copywriters on the exchange. A copywriter who books a text (then has 6 hours to write or the booking is forfeited) and completes it, sends you the content for approval. From this point you have 7 days to accept – if you do not, after a week the text will be automatically accepted and the copywriter will be paid. If you have objections to the text, you can submit it for improvement. Then the copywriter has 24 hours to apply your comments, and if he or she fails to do so (or, again, fails to meet your expectations), the content will be rejected. If you get a very poor text, you can also reject it outright. The copywriter will not be paid, and the order will return to the stock market.

If you come across a copywriter whose content you exceptionally like, you can commission the text privately. Simply select the “private” option and, after paying for the order, invite the copywriter of your choice to join. Then the text will not appear on the exchange – the order will be visible only to the invited copywriter.

How much does it cost to order texts on the exchange?

Copywriting services on such portals are very cheap. This is, of course, not very profitable for copywriters, but beneficial for principals. The minimum rate varies depending on the type of text. You will pay a minimum for 1000 zzs:

  • A simple product description – PLN 4 gross,
  • specialized description of the product – PLN 5 gross,
  • category description – PLN 4 gross,
  • Precl article – PLN 4 gross,
  • An article of average quality – 5 zloty gross,
  • high quality article – PLN 13 gross,
  • blog article – gross PLN 6,
  • entry in the directory – PLN 4 gross,
  • synonymized text – PLN 6 gross,
  • Content per page – PLN 4 gross,
  • Social media post – PLN 4 gross,
  • commentary, opinion – PLN 4 gross,
  • other text – PLN 4 gross,
  • unique rewriting of the content – PLN 3 gross.

What to watch out for on copywriter exchanges?

You may be under the impression that a text exchange is a great solution, but in reality it is not so rosy. First of all, a low rate usually goes hand in hand with low quality. Sometimes there are gems, but usually the maximum you can achieve is a text without glaring language errors. The starvation rates mean that experienced copywriters who know how to write salesy content do not use such exchanges. Instead, there is no shortage of very young people, writing out of coincidence to add to the household budget.

A sure solution is to increase the rate – the prices I gave earlier are the minimum imposed by the service, but you can always offer a higher amount. Such a solution often works, because the best copywriters on the site usually filter orders by rate. However, it doesn’t give you any guarantee that your assignment won’t be “grabbed” by someone who writes texts in bulk and doesn’t always carefully review the client’s expectations. Then you are left to reject the text and wait for someone else to take charge of it.

The downside may also be the unknown waiting time. Professional copywriting services look different because you set a specific deadline with the contractor. In the stock market, you don’t know when your text will be written – some orders disappear practically immediately, and others (especially the more difficult ones, on more demanding, technical topics) can wait for weeks until someone decides to take them on. There is also a high risk that you will receive a low-quality text, reject it and wait again for implementation. Fortunately, copywriters’ texts go through an anti-plagiarism program before they get to you. So you don’t have to worry about getting content copied from another site.

Or is it better to bet on copywriting services?

And yes, and no. The text exchange is not a place for professionals whose sites and profiles you can find in a search engine, on LinkedIn or Facebook groups for copywriters. Of course, they offer higher quality, but there is no question of such rates as 4 zloty gross. Each copywriter sets rates individually, but most do not go below 30 zlotys gross per 1,000 zzs.

Does it pay off? If you need content for the site, category or product descriptions, I think you definitely do. Boring low-quality content is not a very good business card. However, if it is, for example, about linking pretzels – here the copywriter exchange can already be a great solution, because for the simplest texts it is not worth overpaying.

Wondering where to order content for your website so that it is consistent with your brand image? Contact me – I will help!

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