By Zieliński Jerzy

Building an online store – how to create product subpages?

The construction of an online store and its structure have a huge impact on conversion. It is worth talking about them a lot, reading and implementing improvements, testing new solutions. It is through them that you can gain an edge over the competition, and most importantly, win the hearts of customers who are more likely to open their wallets right in your online store. Today about a very important element of an online store, namely the product sub-page and its design. You are invited – learn good practices for creating valuable product pages.

A good product page, that is, what kind of page?

It’s good for a product subpage to answer (ideally) all the customer’s questions and present the product beautifully. In online stores offering thousands of products, it’s not easy to take care of each product and its proper presentation – but you have to put in the effort, because it directly affects the level of profits.

Building an online store – what to remember when creating product subpages in an online store

Elements that effectively attract attention and work well in e-commerce can be transferred to any online store. Here’s what to take care of and what proven solutions are worth using:

User-friendly navigation

  • A sticky navigation that disappears when the customer scrolls down the page, but reappears as soon as they start scrolling up, works best. It should include the product name, product page sections, availability, price, discount information.

  • In stores with extensive assortments, the product page should include crumb navigation – breadcrumbs.
  • Clicking the back button,should always bring the customer back to where they came from.

Titles and descriptions that sell

  • Product titles should be descriptive.
  • The main product title should stand out visually from other content.
  • The product title must not exceed 65 characters (may appear in full in Google results).

  • It’s a good idea to use subheadings – highlighting the benefits of buying a particular product.
  • A detailed, more elaborate description should include a list of other key benefits.

Product presentation

  • The main photo of the product is to be attractive and highlight its advantages, you can enlarge it.
  • Galleries with different product images work well, navigation between them should be facilitated by clearly visible arrows, while on mobile devices convenient swipe actions.

  • Increasingly, videos are also being posted, which are very popular.
  • Photos should show different color variations of the product.

Price presentation

  • Discount offers should be prominently displayed – the type of discount when buying more products.
  • It is worthwhile to offer properly matched products – cross-sell/up-sell.
  • It’s worth using calls – urgency triggers, such as Today Only, Free Bonus, or scarcity triggers – such as. There are only 2 products left.

  • The product page should include “Visitors who viewed this product also viewed…”.
  • Messages stating how many people have viewed and purchased a product, such as during the last month, also work well.


It’s worth treating the product sub-page as your most valuable salesman. Once you have made an effort to promote your store and bring customers to it, you can’t neglect this last element that complements the sales process. A polished product subpage, will sell for you – just take proper care of it. However, if your sales are not going the way you expected, you may need a fresh look at your online store or the marketing efforts you are undertaking. I recommend my services and free consultation. I’m helping e-commercials!

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