By Zieliński Jerzy

Types of matches in Google Ads

It is the keywords that determine whether your company’s ad will be displayed to the very customers you want to target. The process of selecting keywords starts with putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and trying to guess their mindset. This makes it easier to determine under which keywords, search engine users should see your ad. However, as a next step, it pays to use tools that allow you to fine-tune your keyword list and maximize the sales power of your Google ad.

What tools are involved? About match types in Google Ads!

Want to find out, How to use match types in your Google Ads campaign? Turn on the video below! Watch because it’s worth it – you’ll learn how to set click-through rates to make rational and maximum use of match types and choose the most valuable keyword phrases.

Google allows you to match key phrases to different types of queries submitted to the search engine. Using the right types of matches, you will gain accurate targeting of advertising and more rational use of the advertising budget. You can use a selection of the following matches:

  1. [strict] – the ad displays exactly on the indicated keyword, also in singular and plural, e.g. [rehabilitacja Warszawa];
  2. {to phrase} – The ad is displayed to those users who submit queries that take into account the basis and meaning of the indicated key phrase, e.g. rehabilitation Warsaw, rehabilitation office Warsaw, rehabilitation Warsaw price;
  3. Approximate – the widest, allows ads to be displayed on all issues related to the keyword, e.g. rehabilitation after stroke, rehabilitation Warsaw NFZ.

Proper implementation and application of the types of keyword matches in Google Ads, as well as their rational analysis, result in sensational campaign results. Stay tuned to our YouTube videos and learn even more about profitable Google Ads campaign management!

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