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Trust Flow – what is it and how to increase it?

Trust Flow is an indicator that is important for successful SEO. From this article you will learn why it is called a domain credibility indicator and why it is worth taking care of its proper value.

What exactly is the Trust Flow indicator?

Trust Flow determines the quality of inbound links to a given website, and based on these, it informs about the trust and credibility of a domain. Google, when verifying websites before indexing them in specific positions in search results, evaluates many parameters – the quality of links leading to a domain is one of the key ones. That’s why it’s so important that the domain credibility index is the best and highest possible. The highest, because it is expressed as a rating on a scale of 1 to 100.

How to check Trust Flow?

Preferably using reliable tools like Ahrefs or
. Using these tools, you will find out that the highest score is achieved by the most popular websites. Therefore, there is no need to be discouraged by a low score – let it be a motivating factor to work on your link profile. For Google, value is what is valuable to the search engine user. Therefore, the highest results are achieved by sites with links from websites with a stable position and high trust among users. You can assume that 20-30 points is a good Trust Flow.

It is worth checking Trust Flow not only of your own site, but also of those sites where you intend to publish your links. You will gain knowledge whether it is worth investing in a particular service.

Below is a view of the data from Majestic – an example of the Trust Flow indicator value for the domain

Ways to Increase Trust Flow

Acquiring valuable links is inextricably linked to regular work on the site, especially on its content. Interesting and engaging content for readers, e.g. on the company’s blog, is a good start, so that over time links to the website will begin to appear naturally, on valuable sites.

To speed up the process, it is worth investing in the publication of sponsored articles, posted on relevant sites will certainly also quickly result in an increase in position in search results.

The next step is to take care of link diversity with dofollow and nofollow, as well as proper tagging, diversifying anchors. You can read about these activities in
a complete guide to positioning
and article about
acquisition of valuable links


Achieving high SEO results requires a coordinated effort that includes on-page and off-page work. It takes regularity, commitment and expertise. Only professional action will allow you to achieve success. If you need support in this area – use my services. You are invited!

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