By Zieliński Jerzy

Thank You Page in the online store

Once you’ve achieved what you want the customer to do – make a purchase, download an e-book or sign up for a newsletter – it’s time to end the contact. Well, that’s right… But are we sure at the end? This is where the Thank You Page comes to the rescue. Making a conversion on your online store should be the beginning of a beautiful relationship between the customer and just your store. That’s why it’s a good idea to use and make good use of the Thank You Page, a message directed to the customer immediately after the purchase is finalized. In this article, I suggest how to squeeze the most out of your Thank You Page’s marketing potential.

What is a Thank You Page?

Thank You Page is a page that thanks the customer for a successful activity. This is a kind of reward for the customer – a special thanks for the action taken. After all, he chose your store, took the trouble to read its offerings, select a product, and complete the shipping details.

What is a Thank You Page for an entrepreneur – a store owner? It is a unique opportunity to make a positive impression and initiate a longer relationship with a customer who will remember the brand well, additionally benefit from signing up for the newsletter, feel well taken care of and served. The mandatory Thank You Page elements should help with this:

  • information that the user has successfully completed the purchase
  • congratulations to you
  • order summary
  • indication of when and by what courier the package will be delivered
  • indication of the possibility and method of tracking the shipment
  • An easy way to contact store support (e.g., phone number or email)

Typically, the thank you page is a short message, confirmation of the successful completion of the purchase, and expressions of gratitude. However, I encourage you to treat the Thank You Page differently – as a tool with very high potential. With it, you can achieve very important marketing and sales goals.

How to use Thank You Page to increase customer engagement?

The most valuable customer is the one who already knows our brand, recommends it to friends, and comes back to shop. With the goal of building such engagement, you can encourage the customer to establish a relationship with the brand.Thank You Page is a great place to start! Here’s what you can and even should offer:

  1. Subscribing to the newsletter, because it is the easiest channel of communication with the customer. It gives you the opportunity to send him information about news in the store, current promotions, news from the life of the company. An email appearing in the mailbox periodically fixes your store in the customer’s memory, and this will bear fruit in the future!
  1. An invitation to learn more about the blog. It will make you memorable as a specialist in your field. A blog is a place to share knowledge, but also to smuggle in information about new products or promotions.
  1. Invitation to Follow Social Media. This is how you will build a community that uses your products and has its own experience with the store. This way it is easier to get engagement, comments, etc.
  1. Possibility to buy products at a special price and include them with your last purchase. The customer will gain savings and you will gain higher profits.
  1. Special welcome discount code to use on a specific date. It’s an incentive to revisit your online store.
  1. Encouragement to give feedback. You need reviews to encourage new customers to buy, currently it is the reviews that are a very important factor in choosing this and not another product or supplier. When asked to leave feedback, a customer will feel that their opinion is important to you. And we like to come back where we are appreciated, don’t we?


A well-made Thank You Page is to take advantage of a win-win situation, as both the customer and the online store owner gain. It’s also an area where you can still be original and surprise the customer, and that’s because not everyone is taking advantage of this mode of communication yet. In a crowd of competitors, it is worth using every method to stand out and gain recognition from customers. Get to it!

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