By Zieliński Jerzy

Successful Internet sales – what mistakes to avoid?  

Internet sales are an integral part of modern business. With its global reach and easy access to customers, e-commerce offers tremendous growth opportunities for entrepreneurs. However, achieving success in online sales is not a simple task. It requires the right strategy, commitment and avoidance of common mistakes that can negatively affect sales results. In this article, you will learn the key mistakes to avoid in order to develop successful online sales and build a sustainable position in the e-commerce market.

Selling over the Internet – the most common mistakes

Here are some common mistakes made by online store owners in selling over the Internet:

Lack of website optimization

Online store owners often make the mistake of failing to optimize their websites for users and SEO. A website that is not properly designed can discourage potential customers from buying and negatively affect sales results. You may also find that a site that appears to be in order, but is not doing its job, this is also where optimization and adaptation to user behavior will help – and this is an ongoing process that requires attention and consistency.

Lack of clear product information

Customers often seek detailed information about products before making a purchase. They simply want to be sure they are choosing the product they were looking for, one that meets their expectations. Lack of clear and comprehensive product descriptions can result in the loss of potential customers. About valuable and comprehensive product sub-pages and product descriptions – you will read on my blog in the post
Building an online store – how to create product subpages

Long purchasing process

A complicated or lengthy purchase process can lead to customers abandoning their shopping carts. Online store owners should strive to simplify the shopping process and make it easy to finalize transactions.

Lack of trust

Lack of trust in an online store can discourage customers from making purchases. Failure to update contact information, lack of a return policy, or lack of customer reviews and feedback can affect distrust in the store.

Lack of customer support

Lack of customer support or failure to respond to their inquiries can negatively impact the buying experience. It is worthwhile to provide prompt and professional customer service to win customer loyalty and trust.

Shipping costs too high

High shipping costs can scare off potential customers. It’s worth using strategies such as free shipping on purchases over a certain amount to encourage larger purchases.

Lack of marketing and promotion

Online store owners often make the mistake of not having a proper marketing and promotion strategy. Lack of effective advertising and promotional activities can result in a lack of recognition for the store and reduced traffic to the site.

No data analysis and optimization

Overlooking performance tracking and failing to analyze data on site traffic, customer behavior and sales results can prevent online store owners from effectively optimizing and customizing their marketing strategy.


Selling over the Internet can be an extremely profitable venture, but it requires careful planning and guarding against basic mistakes. By avoiding mistakes such as ignoring data analysis or neglecting customer service, you will build a positive brand image, gain customer loyalty and achieve long-term success in online sales.

Remember that developing effective sales strategies requires continuous improvement and adapting activities to changing customer needs and market trends. I will take the responsibilities of marketing and effective promotion of your online business off your task list – get in touch and learn more about my services.

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