By Zieliński Jerzy

SEO vs. company PR – how to reconcile it?

In today’s competitive business world, effective use of both SEO and PR is key to achieving success and increasing brand visibility. Today I will focus on how to reconcile effective SEO and company PR.

SEO PR – image positioning

Image positioning, also known as SEO PR, is a strategy that focuses on optimizing content to improve a brand’s visibility and reputation in search results. The goal of image positioning is to place PR content in the first search results for key phrases related to the brand.

Image positioning can bring many benefits. First, placing PR content in the top search results increases brand visibility and recognition. Second, valuable brand information and content in the first search results contribute to building a positive brand image and reputation. This in turn affects consumer confidence and can translate into more customers.

1. common goals and strategies

The times when SEO was mainly associated with SPAMming with links and low-quality content are long gone. Planning link building and other
SEO activities
, you should therefore keep in mind not only SEO, but also the brand image you are building online. To successfully reconcile SEO PR, it is important to understand the common goals. Both SEO and PR are aimed at increasing brand visibility, building reputation, generating website traffic and reaching as many potential customers as possible. It is important to keep in mind, when implementing these strategies, what values we want to convey to users to strengthen the brand.

2. keyword research and media relations

Probably all of us are familiar with the concept of PR. What is it and how does it connect to SEO? Positioning can be used in PR primarily in terms of keywords. Keyword research identifies popular phrases that potential customers type into search engines. The same keywords can be used in PR content, such as press releases, articles or interviews. This allows you to increase your brand’s visibility both in search results and in the media.

3. creating valuable content vs. company PR

Whether for SEO or conducting PR activities, creating valuable content is key.
Content marketing
plays an important role in both SEO and PR. Creating quality content that responds to users’ questions and needs helps to attract their attention, increase website traffic and build a strong brand image. High-quality content is more likely to be shared and linked to by other websites, which in turn has a positive impact on SEO and company reputation.

4. building relationships with media and influencers

Building relationships with the media and influencers is a key aspect of PR efforts. It is relationships that allow you to reach a wider audience and increase the reach of your communications. Working with influencers helps promote the brand and generate engagement. It is worthwhile to establish lasting relationships with media and influencers to promote your brand and create valuable and engaging content.

5. data analysis and optimization

Data analysis and optimization of activities are also very important in SEO PR. Monitoring results, such as search engine rankings, website traffic and ROI, allows you to refine your marketing strategy and identify areas that need improvement.

How to build a strong brand image? Consistency is important: both with SEO and PR activities. Need more detailed guidance? Contact me!

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