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SEO specialist – how much does a positioner earn?

SEO specialists, commonly known as positioners, are invaluable experts in the field of online marketing, helping companies achieve higher visibility in Google and other search engines’ search results. However, many people wonder how much these professionals earn for their services and what factors influence their compensation. In this article, we’ll take a look at how much you can earn as an SEO specialist and what factors have the greatest impact on salary levels in this fascinating field of online marketing.

How much does a positioner earn?

SEO specialists, or web positioners, play a key role in the field of online marketing. Their job is to optimize websites to improve their visibility in the
Google search results
and other search engines. This optimization includes many aspects, such as improving content, site structure, and building valuable backlinks.

Earnings of SEO specialists can vary and depend on many factors:

  • Experience: As with many other professions, experience is a key factor in salary. SEO specialists with long tenure and a proven track record of success can expect higher salaries.
  • Location: SEO earnings can vary significantly from region to region. In larger cities or regions with a highly competitive labor market, wages are often higher than in smaller towns.
  • Type of employment: SEO specialists can work in a variety of ways, such as as freelancers, employees of marketing agencies, or employed by companies as SEO specialists. SEO. What form of employment they work in can affect their earnings.
  • Skills: Those with specialized SEO skills, such as data analysis, content optimization or ad campaign management, can expect to earn higher salaries than those with basic knowledge.

In Poland, the earnings of SEO specialists can range from a few thousand zlotys a month for novice SEOs to several thousand zlotys a month or more for experienced experts. The salary ranges for the position of SEO specialists are illustrated by the following graphic from the Salaries website.

However, these numbers may change as the SEO market develops and online marketing trends change. Regardless, SEO specialists play an important role in promoting companies online and are often well rewarded for their skills and expertise.

How to become an SEO specialist?

To become an SEO specialist, it is necessary to go through several steps and gain the necessary knowledge and experience. Here are general steps that can help you reach your goal:

Acquisition of basic knowledge:

  • Start by understanding basic SEO concepts such as keywords, content optimization, indexing, link building, etc.
  • Read books, articles, blogs and educational materials on SEO to get a solid foundation.


  • Consider formal education in Internet marketing or SEO. There are also online courses that offer SEO certifications.
  • Attend SEO training courses and conferences to learn the latest trends and techniques.


  • Set up your website or blog and start experimenting with content optimization and SEO techniques on your own project.
  • If you have the opportunity, work on websites of different companies to gain practical experience.

SEO tools:

  • Get familiar with SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc. They are essential for analyzing and monitoring SEO performance.


  • Learn how to select and analyze keywords that are relevant to specific industries and topics.

Technical expertise:

  • Understanding the technical aspects of SEO, such as how a site is indexed by search engines, source code optimization and page load speed, is key.

Link building:

  • Learn how to build valuable backlinks to your website, which is important for your position in search results.

Tracking and Analysis:

  • Learn how to track SEO results and use analytical tools to monitor the effectiveness of your efforts.


  • Consider earning SEO certifications, which can help boost your professionalism and increase customer confidence.

Continuous improvement:

  • SEO is a field that is constantly changing. Stay on top of new trends, search engine algorithms and SEO updates.


  • Develop your experience by working on various SEO projects and gaining references from clients or employers.


  • Build relationships with other SEO professionals and industry experts to exchange knowledge and experience.

Work on your portfolio:

  • Build a portfolio of projects you’ve worked on so you can demonstrate your skills to potential clients or employers.


SEO specialist is a profession that plays a key role in the success of many companies in today’s digital world. Earnings for positioners can vary and depend on many factors, such as experience, skills, location and type of employment. But one thing is certain – as more and more companies move their operations to the online space, the need for SEO specialists is growing.

Therefore, if you are interested in a career in this field, gaining knowledge, experience and constantly improving your skills will guarantee your success. Want to excel in this field – join our team. Feel free to apply!

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