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RWD websites – responsive web design

RWD websites, i.e. websites created according to the principles of Responsive Web Design, are today a standard that you better not ignore if you have a website or are planning to set one up. It’s all about usability and readability on pages on devices with different resolutions. What should you know about RWD web design?

Today, a little theory – if you want your site to be handled by professionals in practice, contact me! I work with web developers who have experience in developing RWD sites.

RWD: what is it?

RWD (Responsive Web Design) is a web design technology that allows you to create websites with flexible element sizes so that they display correctly on different devices. The goal of RWD is to ensure that your website looks and performs optimally, regardless of the device on which it is viewed – whether on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

You can see here a comparison of how the site looks on devices with different resolutions:

pages rwd 1
rwd 2 pages

Why are RWD websites so important?

Increased mobility and access to the Internet through a variety of devices means that sites must now be more responsive to a variety of screens. RWD technology allows the site to adapt to different screen sizes, which means that the site is used comfortably and intuitively regardless of the device.

RWD web design is therefore crucial for user satisfaction and comfort, but it is also important for SEO, since a RWD site is preferred by search engines such as Google.

RWD website design and development

Creating RWD pages requires taking into account many factors, such as how to navigate, the layout of elements and the choice of graphics. So it is not a simple process, but it does offer many benefits. It is worth using experienced web developers who will take care of the UI of your site on any device.

RWD design is all about creating sites with fluid, flexible layouts that automatically adapt to screen size. As a result, pages load faster, are easier to use, and their content is more readable, resulting in a better
user experience

RWD technology is not just a trendy term, but a key element in creating modern, usable websites. It makes sites more visible, easier to use and ranked higher by search engine algorithms. Remember, however, that effective RWD website design and development is not an easy task and often requires the support of experienced professionals. If you want your website to be really effective, contact me.

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