By Zieliński Jerzy

Product sub-sites. 5 must-have items

It seems quite natural to be exceptionally concerned about the quality of the store’s home page – this, already at the stage of designing the site, is taken care of by all entrepreneurs. Of course, this is a good way to go, because the homepage is the business card of the online store. However, in today’s article I want to draw your attention to the structure and the most important elements that an effective product subpage should contain. Why are product subpages important? And how to take care of their quality? Use my checklist.

Product sub-pages and their importance

It is the quality and effectiveness of your product pages that determines the amount of sales you will generate in your store. Unfortunately, but even the best product at a sensational price won’t sell if the product subpage presenting it causes problems for your store users. Therefore, it is necessary to refine the elements that, especially in the context of making purchasing decisions, are of great importance to customers in the industry. A good product page should factually inform, be clear, allow you to fully explore the assortment and filter information relevant to the customer – the store user.

Elements of an effective product page – checklist

  1. Arrangement of price and key information.

Capture customers’ attention with transparency. The key information they should see upon entering the site is the price and the most relevant product information – but necessarily without overload. Blizzard the more elaborate product information below, the customer is sure to get to it if they are interested in it. It is in this further development that you naturally weave in key phrases and emphasize the benefits.


  1. Elements that inspire confidence, i.e.
    social proof

Most customers read product reviews before making a purchase. That’s why it’s good for them to be able to find them directly in your store. In a situation where we can’t see or touch a product ourselves, recommendations from people who are already using it are a strong incentive to influence the final decision. In addition to the sales effect, you can also gain image – a company that is mindful of its customers’ opinions, cares about them and is not afraid to show them.


  1. Clear CTA.

The call to action will take the customer from the stage of viewing the product to buying it. Therefore, make sure that the CTA is highly visible and effective in attracting attention – a good practice is to use distinctive color buttons and catchy calls-to-action to help make a purchase decision.


  1. Limited time offers.

They are important because they provide an additional incentive to make a purchase decision here and now. Messages like “Offer valid until,” “Promotional offer,” or “Only x products left” are subtle chasers that make a real difference in increasing sales.


  1. Ability to filter results.

Needed so that customers can easily access the kind of product options they need. Elements to take care of when creating options for filtering results. Consider the following assertions to make sure everything works as it should:

  • Category page offers easy to understand and useful filters
  • Filters are visible enough
  • For each category, only the relevant filters are displayed
  • You can clearly see (especially on a cell phone) that filters are used, how many there are, and they can be easily removed
  • Users can select multiple filters simultaneously
  • Filters are displayed in the standard position on the left or at the top (under the category name)
  • When you select a filter, the category page is automatically updated in real time
  • Product filters are sticky and easily accessible at any time
  • Appropriate selectors are used for different types of filters (e.g., color patterns instead of “blue”, a price range slider where users can enter a minimum and maximum price instead of a ready-made list of price ranges)

Product pages vs. conversion optimization

It is the optimization of the product sub-page that is the first step to increasing the conversion rate of the entire online store. Therefore, working on product pages will be profitable, but when making any changes, it is worth keeping in mind the specifics of the business in different industries. Remember also to observe the key indicators showing the effectiveness of the store, and of course to observe the behavior of the store’s users, how they react to the changes made.


The work on the online store never ends. That’s why it’s rewarding for some, because it brings new challenges – such as keeping up with changing e-commerce trends and customer expectations. Others, on the other hand, may find it difficult to comprehend and grasp. Therefore, if you need support in optimizing whether a product sub-page or more comprehensively – the entire store and conversion, I invite you to contact me.

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