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Non-verbal communication in online marketing

Nowadays, with most of our communication taking place online, understanding what non-verbal communication is in online marketing is becoming a key element in building effective advertising strategies. Gestures, facial expressions and even color choices can have a huge impact on how we perceive an advertising message and what actions we take as consumers. In this post, I look at the importance of non-verbal communication in online marketing and suggest how to use these tools to attract attention and build customer engagement.

What is nonverbal communication?

Non-verbal communication is a type of communication that takes place through gestures, body language, facial expressions, eye contact, posture and noises. This is communication that does not involve the use of words or verbal language, but conveys information through other means.

Non-verbal communication plays a very important role in our daily interaction with other people. Often, how we interpret and understand nonverbal messages affects our relationships with others, our perception of ourselves and our decision-making.

Examples of nonverbal communication include:

  • Gesturing – using hands and arms to express thoughts, emotions or interest.
  • Facial expressions – facial expressions that express our emotions, such as smiling, sadness, surprise, anger, etc.
  • Body language – the way we stand up, sit down, move, which can express confidence, anxiety, openness or closure.
  • Eye contact – gazes that can express interest, trust, shyness or disapproval.
  • Posture – the way we stand or sit can express our mood or attitude toward a situation.
  • Noises – sounds we make, such as sighs, giggles, nods, which can resonate with our emotions or state of mind.

Non-verbal communication can have different meanings depending on the culture, the context of the situation and individual personality traits. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to these subtle messages to better understand and interpret the other person’s intentions in our social interactions.

How to use non-verbal communication in online advertising?

The use of non-verbal communication in online advertising can greatly enhance the message and capture the attention of the audience. Here are some ways to use non-verbal communication in online advertising:

Graphics and photos

Well-chosen graphics and photos can include elements of nonverbal communication, such as facial expressions, gestures or posture of the people in the photos. When choosing images or graphics, pay attention to whether they convey the right emotion and match the tone of the ad. Facial expression is a key element of nonverbal communication that allows us to express our emotions and feelings. In online marketing, well-chosen photos or graphics with human facial expressions can arouse sympathy, interest or positive associations with a brand. Photos of people with smiling faces or expressions of surprise can help build a positive brand image and attract customer attention.


Video provides a much greater opportunity to use non-verbal communication. In video ads, you can use gestures, facial expressions and body language of the characters to reinforce the message and evoke emotions in the viewer.


Colors have a huge impact on our emotions. When choosing colors in advertising, consider what emotions you want to evoke in your audience. For example, red can evoke excitement and positive associations, while blue can evoke calmness and confidence, and green can evoke sustainability and ecology. The choice of colors should be consistent with the brand’s visual identity and thoughtful in the context of the advertising message.

CTA (Call to Action)

Non-verbal communication elements, such as arrows or directional gestures, can be used in a CTA to focus the recipient’s attention on the action you want them to take, such as. “Click here,” “Buy now,” etc.


Animated elements can enrich advertising and convey more information through gestures and movement. Gentle animations on a page or in an ad can attract attention and encourage interaction.

Eye contact

If you use photos of people, try to make sure that the characters in the photos make eye contact with the viewers. This helps establish a bond and create positive associations.

Logo and branding

A well-designed logo can also use non-verbal communication to convey a certain message or emotion associated with the brand.

Non-verbal communication can reinforce the message in online advertising and effectively capture the attention of the audience. Use well-chosen graphics, videos, colors and animations to convey the right emotions and build a positive brand image. Also, remember to be consistent with your visual identity and brand message so that your non-verbal communication is in line with your overall advertising strategy.


Non-verbal communication in online marketing plays an important role in building effective advertising strategies. Gestures, facial expressions and colors have a huge impact on how we perceive advertising messages and what actions we take as consumers. Therefore, pay attention to these elements when designing advertising materials and websites. The use of appropriate gestures, graphics with appropriate facial expressions, and cleverly chosen colors can help attract customers’ attention and build a positive brand image.

Remember that non-verbal communication is not only an important part of marketing, but also a way to build relationships with customers and establish trust. I help create thoughtful non-verbal messages and use them appropriately. This will increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and contribute to the success of your brand online. I invite you to contact me and discuss the terms of cooperation.

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