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Marketing Team: who is in it, what does it do?

In today’s business world, marketing is a key element in achieving success. Regardless of the industry in which a company operates, an effective marketing strategy is essential for attracting customers, building a brand and generating revenue. However, complex marketing tasks cannot be performed by a single person. It is the marketing team that plays a key role in planning and implementing marketing activities. In this article, we will address the question of who is part of the marketing team and what exactly they do.

Who makes up the marketing team?

The marketing team consists of various professionals who work together to achieve the company’s marketing goals. Here are the main roles found in a typical marketing team:

Specialist in the field. Marketing:

The marketing specialist is a key figure in the team. This is the person responsible for the company’s overall marketing strategy. Planning marketing campaigns, identifying target groups, analyzing competition and monitoring results are all tasks that the specialist in the field. Marketing. Responsibilities are demanding, as all marketing activities must be consistent and effective.

The manager of the company’s business affairs. Marketing:

The manager of the company’s business affairs. Marketing is the person responsible for managing the marketing team. She is the one who supervises the work of other specialists and coordinates marketing activities. The manager of the company’s business affairs. Marketing often works with the company’s management and is responsible for achieving marketing goals.

Specialist in the field. SEO:

SEO Specialist.
deals with improving the visibility of a company’s website in search engine results, such as Google. His job is to optimize the content and structure of the site and create a keyword strategy.


is the person responsible for creating marketing content, such as
blog articles
product descriptions
, or advertising texts. Its goal is to attract customers’ attention and encourage them to take action.

Specialist in the field. Social Media:

Specialist in the field. social media manages the company’s profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook,
or Twitter. His job is to create content, respond to customer comments and build relationships with the online community.

Specialist in the field. Marketing Analytics:

Specialist in the field. Marketing analytics deals with the collection and analysis of data on marketing activities. This allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign and adjust your strategy based on the results.

What does the marketing team do?

The marketing team handles a range of tasks to promote the company and its products/services. Here are some of the main responsibilities of the marketing team:

Marketing strategy planning:

The marketing team is developing marketing strategy, which defines the goals, target groups and means to achieve those goals. Planning is a key step in the marketing process.

Content creation:

Copywriters create content that grabs customers’ attention and convinces them to take action. This could be blog articles, product descriptions, marketing emails and much more.

Ad management:

The marketing team manages advertising campaigns, including ads on social media platforms,
Google Ads
and ads on other online and offline platforms.

Website optimization:

Specialists in the field. SEOs make sure that a company’s website is easily found in search engine results. This is important for increasing website traffic and attracting new customers.

Brand building:

The marketing team is working to build a positive brand image. This ranges from creating a logo and corporate identity to building a company’s reputation with customers.

Analysis of results:

Specialists in the field. Marketing analytics monitor the effectiveness of marketing activities and provide data that allows you to adjust your marketing strategy based on actual results.


You already know who a marketing specialist is and what he does. You know the tasks of a copywriter, analyst, SEO specialist, social media specialist. So there’s no denying that the marketing team is a key component of any company that wants to succeed in the market. This is because the cooperation of these specialists will allow the company to effectively reach customers and achieve its marketing goals. Therefore, investing in the right marketing team can translate into success and growth for the company.

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