By Zieliński Jerzy

Limited Google Ads

You may encounter “relevant” or “limited” Google Ads in several clearly defined situations. Specifically, when Google has accepted your ad as compliant, but nevertheless, for some reason, it may display in a limited way. How does it work? Read!

Google Ads – limitations

Google marks an ad as “Relevant (limited)” when there are restrictions on its ability to be displayed to all search engine users. This can happen in several cases, specifically when:

  • Google’s policies do not allow certain types of ads to be displayed in certain regions or to users of certain ages;
  • restrictions on advertising apply
  • there is a lack of ability to display ads on mobile devices because the landing page is not adapted to them.

Limited advertising – what to do?

If you want to earn the benefits of Googe Ads you have to play by Google’s rules! Customize your ads to fully comply with the guidelines. Don’t include the names of other brands in your ad text and don’t declare that your products can cure specific diseases – Google will react by restricting it.

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