By Zieliński Jerzy

Lead nurturing. What is it and how to use it?

The fight for customers and conversions can have different facets. Lead nurturing is a trendy as well as effective way to engage acquired leads and bring them to a place where they become customers who spend money with your company.

What is lead nurturing?

According to the definition, lead nurturing is a deliberate effort to drive engagement with a selected target audience. This is achieved with the help of informing customers about important business issues at every stage of contact with your brand. This should be done so that when customers are ready to make a purchase of a product or service – it is your offer that they will type as the best and safest choice. Incentivizing and maintaining engagement is expected to result in the achievement of sales targets.

Lead nurturing is an effective process to which leads should be subjected in order to work out the greatest possible benefit from them. It is effective because leads subjected to nurturing make more purchases than all other leads.

What distinguishes lead nurturing?

First of all, expediency. This process has a clearly defined goal – to carry the acquired contact from the moment of acquaintance with the company or brand, to the moment of becoming a real customer purchasing products and services from that particular company. Like any process, it has specific steps that can be based on the following.

What does the lead nurturing process look like?

The most effective targeted lead generation activities have four basic steps. You should include them if you want to use this model of operation:

  1. Educate – creating an expert brand image, emphasizing expertise in your field and a willingness to share knowledge with customers. These elements help to build such an image of your brand that will be memorable and allow the company to be remembered as noteworthy.
  2. Inform – first and foremost about how your products and services will affect the operation of their businesses or their lives. Development support? An improvement in well-being? Quality that will last for years? Emphasize the benefits so that they are memorable.
  3. Engage and create relationships – this is what counts in business today. Potential customers need to feel that it is worth keeping in touch with your company specifically.
  4. Create an opportunity to gain conversions – potential customers need to know how to contact you, but also why it’s worthwhile to do so and learn more about your products or services.

What is useful in lead nurturing?

Create a customer persona, because you need to know who you are communicating with and what arguments can most effectively reach your audience.

Set goals – they are necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of actions after some time.

Commit to creating relevant content. They must be valuable and interesting, but at the same time simple to read. This is the kind of content that web users like.

Types of lead nurturing

There are three basic strategies that fit into the premise of warming up leads, which can be adapted quite flexibly to one’s own business goals. Determine the goal you want to achieve with lead nurturing and get started:

Lead nurturing, increasing engagement – based on providing potential customers with valuable content that has real relevance to users and encourages them to maintain contact with the brand.

Lead nurturing, presenting benefits – is designed to convince how products or services will translate into real changes in the lives and functioning of potential customers. Knowing how to use your resources will convince you that it’s really worth investing in them.

Lead nurturing, finalizing sales- involve finally convincing the customer to close the deal.


The activity discussed in this article not only elicits the engagement of potential customers, above all it requires a lot of commitment and determination from entrepreneurs who use lead nurturing to generate profits. Is it worth it? Certainly – by conducting the process with an idea, with sincerity and consistently, you have a chance for great success.

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